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9 June Start


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Laurie, thanks for keeping us updated about Steve and yourself.  The WD30'rs are all here for you.  WD40 fixes everything but the WD30'rs are all heart. Each one has their own vibrant, unique personality.


They've left a permanent imprint on my heart and I know it's there on yours, too, Laurie.  This group worked because we pulled out all of the dross to find the gold in our own lives.  Dave used his great sense of humor to pull us through some really rough times.  He made us forget all of our cares and troubles.  There ain't never gonna be another group leader like Dave. 


But there will never be another Laurie either.  The tender hearted woman who broke my heart in the best possible way.  I had so many walls up and you tore them down with your sweet, kind ways.


You're still doing that. I'm glad you've been here all along with me. I needed you in the best possible way.  The Whole 30 has changed me and you're a big part of that, Laurie.    

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Life just runs away with itself but I sure miss the sanity of this group. I miss the emotional ties and support. I often think of each and everyone of you our bond will never evaporate I still want to meet you all and spend time with you I would love to run across deb. I don't know how it all works, but it does.


Eating for me has been a tough issue. I would love to focus for 30 days, but don't even have the confidence that i could keep my word to myself, sadly.


I continue to work on it. Had a great hike with my darling dog and will do some gardening (after polishing off, chemically laden leftover chinese...sigh.


If ever a couple of you want to go on a small, authentic, Dave crazed journed through cleaning up our mind, body and household, let me know...


I hope you are all well.




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Why Miss Scarlett, how nice of you to drop by today.   You make me laugh and howl at the moon, Miki. Remember when you said how you'd like to "weigh in" on the subject of the scales.   There were so many times in the beginning when we were all stumbling and bumbling around,  rolling around on the floor with laughter and Dave just kept it up and kept it up.    


I do read those old posts for a good time.   It's refreshing to see your sense of humor is still intact. feed-planet-smiley.gif?1292867592

I miss Dave's Top Gun approach to life...along with Maverick, Goose, Cougar, Mustang, Merlin, GhostRider.....


For awhile,  I foamed at the mouth and blathered on without everyone.  I kept the Universe company, awaiting your return Miss Scarlett.   I like it when you sneak in here unannounced and surprise me.  Yes,  I held down the fort and was hanging by the door.    You're supposed to move on after 30 days.   I stayed a lil while longer. 


So I believe you're doing exactly what you should be doing, Mama Miki.  You went on with your life and created your own whole foods plan.   You're eating some Chinese food,  enjoy it, guilt-free. I've moved from the Whole 30 threads because I have my own post positive food management plan.   


I haven't stuck the landing yet.  I've been going Oooooo soooooooo slooooooow.   But guess what.   I haven't rebounded with a single pound.   Top Gun.   Whole 30 is going to take me all of the way in. I miss my wingmen but I'm flying my own jet.   It gets lonely flying solo but I must complete my mission.   


I've encountered a few 'mission creeps' along the way....foods that have enticed me and taunted me but I've turned my back on all of them.   I don't want to go back to Groundhog Day.   That would be flying right into the danger zone.  


"Mental toughness.   Be your best regardless of the circumstances."  



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I wrote 2 posts and lost them both.  I would love to do another w30 with our group.  I've been mostly whole 30 but I need to tighten things up.  I'm starting again today or tomorrow.  Just looking to find a group for support.

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Ok.................................it's time to stop the nonsense! Starting on Columbus day (that gives everyone a week to do their shopping and get their mind right) we are starting the group back up. Old members, new members.....we are launching once again. Just like Columbus trying to discover a New World, we will be trying to find a New "US". Lighter, faster, stronger, leaner, meaner....we can rebuild us......we can achieve anything!


Miki needs to get back to business.

Meadow needs some help herding these cats.

Laurie needs some prayers and support.

I need to stop screwing around.



I head back to work on the 13th and am anxious to get back and start "kicking some ass"! Who's with me? The new thread will be called "The Columbus Crew"

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I've been roasting and coasting and toasting and dang it,  I turn my head and the host with the most shows back up at the door.  Now then,  I was lingering long at the door....  I've been watching and waiting and waiting and waiting....




Laurie, look what happened just for you, today.


Another Christmas Miracle. 

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Dave,  Dave...Dave.


I've never been able to herd cats or dogs or horses or sheeple or peeple.   I'm too busy looking around at the scenery and taking photos.  Oooopsies,  one's on the loose.


I want to stick the landing and I need to kick it up a few notches. 


I like chores, kinda sorta.   If you stay in one place too long, you can get Root Rot.  I want to get there and I want to do it this year.   This year.   

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You all know I am in.


Please send  prayers, miracles, etc.  After 4 weeks, Steve left the Univ. of Miami Hospital and was  transferred to an acute patient rehabilitation hospital close to home.  The purpose of the rehab hospital was  physical and occupational therapy.  Steve has had a lot of serious pain in his chest.  Different doctors have different explanations.  Rehab doctor scheduled a test to rule out pulmonary embolism.  It looks like Steve has the embolism. He was transferred out of the rehab hospital and to an acute hospital associated with that rehab last night.  Steve was a bit confused so I'll get the details this morning.


I wonder how much more of this I can take before I totally lose it.  Well, honesty, I've lost it several times.  I just need a glimmer of light or hope instead of darkness all the time.

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Laurie - our group will be your light and hope......and not just a glimmer. Give my best to Steve and prayers will continue to come your way. Your strength is his strength so you must take care of yourself as well as him.


jmcbn - I am doing ok. I am still very stiff and my scar across my neck isn't healing as well as I would like it to, I am going to be fine. Still have numbness in my left arm but that might take awhile to come back if it comes back at all. As far as work, it's time to get back to doing something. I have read The Martian, put together several 1000 piece puzzles and was averaging one a day. I have restored a motorcycle, swapped all of the family winter and summer clothing out, cleaned both refrigerators, organized the pantry, sorted and condensed the spice racks, cleaned out dresser drawers, sorted through and donated old clothes and shoes, detailed all four vehicles, fixed ANYTHING that was broken or loose in the house, sorted the recipe binders, cleaned every room, ..........and that was in the first couple weeks after I could get around. The last two weeks have been boring. I completed my Masters degree and a school for my job certification (Level 3 which is the highest) before I went in for surgery. Looking forward to some down time and relaxing this fall and winter. Because of the surgery, I can't hunt this fall so I will take my youngest and photograph the outings. My wife and I are heading to the mountains this weekend with four other couples to take a steam engine thru the mountains to see the foliage. We will spend two nights at a hotel and be home on Sunday. Truly looking forward to it and the start of our next W30 journey next Monday.



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Apparently Meadow is the PERFECT people herder Dave! I am so grateful you have me on speed dial Meadow! :)


Right now I am on a plan that is very much in alignment with Whole 30 except a few things:

1. I haven't been making my own mayo and ketchup, which I do on Whole 30

2. They have me drinking these shakes twice a day, which I am not a fan of. I think the Whole 30 has just trained me to out of anything shake/smoothie.


So I emailed the nutritionist this morning and asked for an explanation as why we are so strict on the "no sugar" rule, to the point of no fruit, while drinking this sugary shakes where fructose is the #2 ingredient? It seems so crazy. So, I'm going to see about switching those calories over to real food and joining you on Monday. I'm about 10# down now, which was needed, because I gained back everything I lost on Whole 30 last year. I do hate starting over, but a better group to start with, I could not imagine.


Laurie, I am glad to hear that Steve is out of the hospital. We will be praying for a resolution of his embolism. You are one strong lady, my friend :)


Dave, glad to hear that a little surgery has not kept you down. CONGRATS on the degree! You are a speedster - I remember when you decided to start it.

Thanks for piloting our next adventure!

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Laurie,  I will continue to pray for Steve and you.   I know you're out there. from-me-to-you-smiley.gif?1292867601


Dave,  feed-ducks-smiley.gif?1292867592I've really been limiting my computer time even during the bad weather.   I'm hanging my head with conviction. I will do more chores and more everything. I've prayed for you, too. I won't stop.  I've often returned to this 'scene of the time' where I received my positive hindend kicks. I need more of those.  I try and I try and I try to get satisfaction from cleaning bathrooms, toitys,cleaning-smiley.gif?1292867570doing dishes all the live long day but 'I can't get no satisfaction'....like I do from dancing around and singing or bouncing off the walls and doing backflips with my dog.


I've spent my time enduring long, boring meetings in my past work life.  In my mind, I was singing, dancing and flinging myself around.   Blah, blah, blah...wordpooper-smiley.gif?1292867702I had a permanent smile on my face but I wasn't listening. My mind was a million miles away.   I need to focus on the mundane and embrace the olde thunder mug with some sort of something.

It just hasn't happened for me.   I want what you're having.  Whatever it is that drives you to leap tall buildings when you've just gotten out of surgery...I'm hanging my head like Tom Dooley.  tree-swing-smiley.gif?1292867691Mostly,  I'm fascinated with your brains and intelligence in the midst of everything that's happened to you.   I'm convicted by who you are.   Wild Thing.  You make my heart sing.  You make everything....  Wild Thing.



CC mountain-bike-smiley.gif?1292867640 - the half has not been told how much I miss visiting with all'y'all.  I hope your folkaronies are all well.  I can't remember anything about those long, boring workplace meetings but I can remember the fun we've all shared. Lightning strikes. Maybe once.  Maybe twice.   I take nothing for granted.  Oooooo,  the half has not been told, CC.


I've been tooling along at some speed above couch mode. eating1-smiley.gif?1292867587 Spinning the tunes dj-smiley.gif?1292867582 and dancing. dance-girl1-smiley.gif?1292867578


Wild Things.   You make my heart sing.  I think I lurve you but I want to know for sure.....dance-girl1-smiley.gif?1292867578


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Home of the 69ers.  yaya-sisters-smiley.gif?1292867704

I found my way home after crawling across the Sierra Desert.   desert-smiley.gif?1292867581  Oh, Mama Miki, so much has happened since you flew the coop. writing1-smiley.gif?1292867702  I miss the way you used to hang by the door and wait for your shipment of  Tessamae hot sauces.   



Laurie,  I know you're out there somewhere.   I'm thinking about you, I sure am.  Higs, you must be at a goat rodeo or running a race.  Then there's  CC, Deb, Spanky and all of the others.  Another year has almost bitten the dust.  I've been working hard on the railroad worker-smiley.gif?1292867702 and riding the boxcars for entertainment.


I'm in a bit of tight spot right now,  my handy dandy typing device will only let me peruse a tiny amount of venues. That's another story.   Tiny steps for tiny feet.   I've been wading my way through tabs.  That's how I found our home.  


I can only see these golden oldies. This is where it all began.  I made it back to our biographical and geographical  well.  So Merry Christmas to the originals.hippie1-smiley.gif?1292867617  I miss this Cafe Zydeco and git a bit of south in your mouth with good ole southern cooking and BBQ.  Deb's recipes.


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