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BB's June Whole 30 Day 2

Bugs Bunny

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Introducing myself as another "June starter" ... delayed it by one day as I couldn't bring myself to start a new diet on a Sunday, so day 2 for me but still sticking to the plan...

I found out about Paleo around Eastertime last year and embarked on a failed attempt...it's took this long to give it another go.

This time I have a buddy doing it (who is just GOOD at these things whereas I generally get bored with diets and want chocolate / wine), I also have a realistic number goal (in terms of weightloss) and I have rewards - events / trips lined up at the end...so I'm all super-charged this time.

I also live on my own which I find helps when you want to switch on the blender at 6am or you're throwing pans around at 9pm prepping lunch for the next day...so nothing more than myself to steer me off-track...

So far so good but it's only day 2...i'm not craving anything (although I am dying to keep jump on the scales to see if any pounds have been shed) at present - I denied the 11am coffee round (for that matter, I've read a few posts re coffee (and the focus seems to be on the type of milk being added to it) but, is coffee allowed? - I'm sure I don't see it on the shopping list)...i'm still full from lunch and went on a 30 minute run this morning...

The one concern I am having right now is the Thursday night Rose night with the girls - in my mind - I can't go and drink soda water...that's just not me - if I go, I will be drinking rose...I know already that i'll be busy spinning and then can take up my time by prepping dinner and lunch and finishing off any work...I think i'm already half-convinced but it's only Tuesday...

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