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I suck at reintroduction

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It was gonna be pasta

it turned out being cake, pimento cheese, cookies, and some rollups.

And it was mostly dairy, grains and sugar.

And yep, the lymph behind ears is swollern,


I feel bloated.


So. I suck at offroading.


it's kinda all or nothing.




How do you do it?


Its been three days and I'm going back to whole30 (plus wine)



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That is my point. I've done whole30 many times, I just suck at reintroduction.

What happens? Why does a serving of pasta turn into all that other stuff? Try to stay aware of your thought process and remind yourself of your reasons for doing the reintroduction protocol.

One trick you might be able to use: make your meals to whole 30 meal template as you would in stage 1, eat the protein and veggies first (but not til full), then eat your portion of reintro food. The satiety from the protein should help you keep from going off the rails.

Good luck, and don't give up! You're worth it!

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Would it help to reframe it as a Whole 40 (or however many days proper reintroduction takes)? I wonder if part if it is you get in your head that 30 days is "done," when really tthere are several more days to go.

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