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Whole30 Complete and I am feeling wonderful!


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Well Day 31!

I never thought that I would make it here and so proud that I did.

What a great feeling just to say that I did it without any wrong ingredients, snacks, cheats.

What I thought might be hard was not really... Like cream in my coffee, still do not love blcak coffee but do not hate it and I only drink one cup so that will stay.

My little snacks during the day, like a few chocolate covered almonds, jelly beans, ju jubes, a handful of chips, etc

My sweets... Just a little sliver of cake, small tart, etc

Fruits.... O how I thought I would miss you but really did not.

I loved how I was full most of the time. That was amazing!

My non scale victories: skin, hair, energy, mood, sleep.......

My scale victory...... 10 lbs!

This has truly changed me and the way that I think of food.... So thank you for that.

This will be a way of life for me as I move forward, maybe not 100% all the time but probably 90% of the time!

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Congratulations!  I felt the same way after my whole30 two weeks ago.  It's crazy because I have had two cheat meals and it was only because it was date night and my boyfriend wanted me to try something different lol.  I think the whole30 teaches you so much about being in tune with your body and who wouldn't want that.


I thought coffee would be a struggle for me too.  I initially switched to straight black until about day 21 when my coach at crossfit and I were talking and she didn't think I was eating enough fat.  I was cooking with it, but not really consuming it.  I started adding canned coconut milk to my coffee and it is amazing!  My co-worker, whom is not whole30, started doing it as well and loves it as well.

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