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Summertime reset


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Day 44:

Pre work-out: 1/2 banana 

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach + 2 Applegate sausages

Lunch: roast chicken + mashed cauliflower; baby carrots; almond bar

Dinner: Whole Foods buffet.... giant salad w/ carrots, raisins, and balsamic... steamed broccoli, turkey meatballs, steamed sweet potatoes with raisins

I bought some tortilla chips and a slice of cheesecake. Enjoyed a bit of the cheesecake with plenty left for later. I feel like I can eat "cold sweets" like this without going nuts, and I'm not sure why. Easy to pace myself and eat it really slowly and savor it. That said, this is not really a habit I'd like to get in, of having something sweet at the end of the day. I don't mind that this happened last night, but it wasn't a really special occasion and it didn't really "need" to happen. 

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Day 45:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach

Lunch: roast chicken + mashed cauliflower; almond bars

Dinner: date night to chinese vegetarian joint.... lots of tasty veggies and rice.  

Post-dinner: about half a cockail; grapes; about 2 bits of cheese and crackers

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Day 46:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach; 1/2 piece of toast with apricot jam; a bit of coffee

Giant post-date nap :)

Lunch: 1 spinach quesadilla w/ roast chicken

Dinner: I can't remember but I know it was on plan.

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Day 47:

Breakfast: 2 eggs + spinach

Lunch: Mexican food with my parents... a fairly gross chicken quesadilla. They are obsessed with a truly deplorable Mexican restaurant down the street.

Dinner: Date night in.... working through the CSA box with creative cooking. Squash & jerusalem artichoke casserole; braised red cabbage with cider and mustard dressing; roast green beans with heaps of garlic; 2 pieces of baguette with butter. 1.5 cocktails. I had bought some little petit-fours from Whole Foods and served those after the meal. They were not very tasty. I ate 1 piece of each and then stopped because they weren't good enough to keep going. "These need to be more delicious if I'm going to finish them!" I said.

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Day 48:

Breakfast: egg and veggie casserole

Lunch: Nice leftovers from last night. Summer squash & jerusalem artichoke casserole; braised red cabbage; roast chicken.

Snack: Almond bars

Dinner: 2 spinach quesadillas + fries and ketchup! yum!

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Day 49: 

Breakfast: egg and veggie casserole

Lunch: Repeat of yesterday — squash & artichoke gratin; red cabbage; roast chicken

Snack: I ate some peanut M&Ms. They tasted gross.

Dinner: a restaurant excursion with the girls.... "street corn" with cojita cheese and cilantro; 1/2 beef brisket sandwich; arugula salad with peaches and walnuts; 1 delicious Pimm's/blackberry cocktail


My eating is getting a bit more complicated as I'm going out more in the evenings/weekends. I'm also going on vacation in about a week and a half. I've been thinking a lot about how to navigate that, since I will likely be surrounded by a very broad range of foods. I know I will have the opportunity to cook some when I'm on vacation (we're renting a beach house). Having said that, I don't want to go to the beach and spend a week eating mashed cauliflower and poached chicken. So I think I will find a "middle road" here.

Even with recent off-plan dining experiences, I'm feeling great. I'm really thankful to have been off sugar this long and this consistently. The way I am eating now feels sustainable. Maybe for the first time in my adult life. 

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I'm going to bring this thread to a close here. I was on vacation last week and enjoyed it tremendously. I was off plan for much of the week, but even so, I kept things to a wonderfully sane place. I had eggs for breakfast every morning, and a number of meals that were tasty and very Whole30-ish — grilled seafood, veggie kabobs, etc.  It was a vacation that included brussel sprouts, grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream, and one perfect strawberry daiquiri.


Naturally, it was neither possible nor desirable to be in a terribly strict place with food during the week. But I'm really happy with the middle road I found.


I didn't come home feeling terrible and having gained thirty pounds. I did get into enough weirdo food that my sleep started to suffer. I've had more trouble than usual waking up in the mornings.


I've been home for six days now and I'm getting back into the flow of things.


Next step is to join the fitness club near my home and get back into regular exercise (I've had a couple of weeks off and am beginning to feel a bit doughy). I'll also start planning my meals more carefully.


My day to do both of these things is 08/23. I think I'll start a new food log then, too.



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