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Day 9 discovery that has me in tears...


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I am on day 9 of my second WHOLE30 this year. I have gone through the kill all the things phase, woke up with headaches for many mornings and now today i actually feel great, i have tons of energy and am lovin life

i went to work early this morning ( i manage a deli at a certified organic food coop) and didn't have time to eat so no biggie, i have tons of WHOLE30 compliant foods on my food bar at work and have had this breakfast 3 times since beginning this go around of WHOLE30

i grabbed some veggies cooked in organic olive oil and sea salt and a turkey sausage ingredients posted, all compliant.

As i was eating i had a funny feeling that what if my staff didn't post the ingredients correctly? i know how hard it is to find breakfast sausage without sugar...but we label everything so well.

except in this case

i called the company and they confirmed that the product does have turbinado sugar in it


i have had a 2 oz patty 3 times in the 9 days, which ultimately means a restart

and i just want to cry

that brings me all the way until July 4th when i complete the program.

its not really that big of a deal, i just feel like all of the momentum and success and awesomeness that i am experiencing just got pulled out from under me.

and because i just ate the damn sausage today isn't day 9 anymore, it isn't even day 1 its day 0 with tomorrow being day 1




disbelief (how could i be so stupid)

questioning my desire to start over

i know this all will pass but its where i am right now


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Why stupid? You did your due diligence. It was someone else's mistake, not yours. Heck, you discovered the mistake. Good on you! And none of it negates the awesomeness you've been experiencing.


Accidental ingestion of sugar is not automatically grounds for a re-set; I don't think you had it at levels that would adversely affect your gut healing. You can just avoid it in the future and carry on.

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