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Inserting a Whole30 in my Whole Life Challenge


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I generally perceive a "black and white" view of the world to be dangerous: if ignore the grey area--the nuance, the exceptions, the legitimate justifcations--we will do more harm than good. 


Then I started the Whole Life Challenge, and figured out how to translate this view into dietary terms: take a challenge that provides you with black-and-white rules for eating, and add lots of ice cream.


And God bless the Whole Life Challenge for not making me start over after each of these binges, but instead imposing the benign penalty of taking some of my 5 points away. This just in: if I start each day with 5 points, a 10-point ice cream binge costs half as much as a 5-point binge. Did somebody say SALE?!


You get the idea. 


So after 32 days of a 55-day WLC, I'll adding a secret weapon: my 2nd Whole30. 26 of those days will count in WLC, and the next 4 will be on my own. And to that, I say Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That sugar dragon will be gasping for breath after like 12 days. 


Today is day 1, and I'm all high-and-mighty about it. Last night's ice cream and various starches left me in a near-narcoleptic state all day today, so I'm feeling especially justified for imposing strict rules on my household's consumption for the next 30 days. 


Additionally exciting is the fact that I wasn't an avid CrossFitter for my first Whole30, so now I think I have a shot at achieving my fitness and related body composition goals, although I know those won't be the only benefits. Looking forward to my BodPod session at the end of it all to mark my progress.


Onward + upward.

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Day 1 was a rip-roarin' success, except for that I nearly fell stone-cold asleep at more than one point. Could the culprit have been day-old insulin crash from the carby carbs I enjoyed the day before? 


I'll be honest, I was pretty salty at CrossFit. It was an open gym type day, with no new scheduled WODs. I could've done yesterday's workout, which I missed: 4 rounds of 400m run, 15 pull ups, 15 burpees, 2 min rest.


I just recently got my pull-ups (fiiiinally), so it theoretically should've been awesome. But I started whining to myself: my deep torn callus finally heeled--over a week later--and the last thing I wanted was to rip 'er open again. I was also just physically tired, and of course sleepy at 6a. So I practiced snatch, hating hook-grip the whole time, followed by a 5-min complex EMOM. Then I wimped out for a 1-mile run and skipped any WODs.


On those days, I wonder where my mojo went. Maybe it's the extrovert part: on any other day, I have a larger group of people around me and we're all doing the same workout.That's energizing, exciting! But having the option to cherry-pick a workout that I'll do solo? Eh, I can think of better ways to spend time. 


Anyway, looking forward to the group workout tomorrow morning.

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