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Whole30 journey from a social drinker who is very social


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Well I finished a whole 30 and I am pretty pumped. At times I didn't think I could do it but I'm glad I pulled through. I only had one bad episode of binge eating, day 29. I wanted to dive into a carton of icecream. I wanted to emotionally eat and I was trying to talk myself into it since it was day 29. I mean I'm almost done. I didn't dive into the icecream but I did binge eat 3 Lara bars. I had only had 1 Lara bar the entire 29 days and then I didn't have the strength to not eat Lara bar after Lara bar after Lara bar. I was disappointed with myself the next morning but tried not to get too down. I had made it 29 days without binge eating, not snacking and eating 3 square meals a day. And that to me is a huge accomplishment.

I started this journey to lose weight but quickly found that the weight loss was not the best thing about whole30. I found that my energy level and happiness were even more important then the weight loss. My kids noticed it too. I played with them way more and I enjoyed it:). I also realized that I can have fun in social occasions without drinking and eating chips and sweets. There is plenty I can bring to the table that myself and everyone else can enjoy. I also noticed that I don't need to drink just because everyone else is. I went to a BBQ on Vashon a Island for Memorial Day weekend. We got there at noon and everyone was already drinking. I didn't crave a beer or a drink or any of the non whole30 snacks that were out. I actually didn't want a drink until about 4:00pm. So it made me realize that sometimes I'm drinking only because everyone else is. And don't have a drink until you really want a drink and when you do have that drink enjoy it and savor it.

I feel very empowered after this whole30. I know I can keep this up as a lifestyle, and when I second guess myself, when I do fall into that icecream carton I can always look back and see how I felt at the end of my journey.

I was afraid to post a pic but hey why not:)

May 5th weight 182

June 4th weight 164

Goal weight 150


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Way to go! I learned very quickly that Lara bars were not good for me.....even if I only buy 1, they lead to a binge every time. They aren't worth it to me.

I have since learned that the best "treats" for me (when i'm not doing a whole30) are almond butter cups with a little bit of dairy-free chocolate (one satisfies me and doesn't lead to a binge) and frozen bananas whirled in the food processor.

Good luck with your reintros!

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