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How do I stop losing weight?


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I did my first round of Whole30 in April. My goal was to feel better physically but I would be lying if I didn't admit I wanted to shed a few extra pounds/inches I had gained over the long sub-zero (I live in MN) winter. I was pleased to do just that; I not only felt great but ended up four pounds lighter. Shortly after finishing we headed out east for ten days. While I did indulge in a few things, the fact that my stomach issues were gone were enough to make me want to not go crazy. 


I am not a food lover. I know that there are people who live to eat but I am definitely an eat to live person. Having four kiddos in five years kept me very busy. I do not naturally wake up hungry and have a hard time eating if I am not so. When the kids were younger by the time I was hungry we were already into the thick of our days (homeschooling) so I would just ignore that hunger. It was not unusual for me to eat just one meal a day. I have always known that for me losing weight = eating.


I have not only loved the fact that I have so much more energy and feel great, but the meal template has been a wonderful tool. I decided to keep on the Whole30 track and started another two weeks ago. I have, however, lost additional weight and am now at my lowest in many years. My question is, how much is too much? I know getting back to weight training will help, but we are in the middle of a state-to-state move so I cannot commit to a program until we get settled mid to end July. I have been very diligent about eating three meals a day, there have been a few meals skipped but not many. I am now down to 135 pounds on my 5'7" frame. Will my body naturally adjust to this new way of eating and eventually I will even out? Should I add something to my diet? I know for sure I am allergic to dairy so adding that is not an option. I am nearly 50, if that makes a difference.

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I lost a good bit of weight during my whole30 and ended up 5'5" 112 pounds.  I debated whether I was too skinny as some people claimed.  But then I realized that I felt great and I had enough energy to work full time, take care of a farm, go to 3 pilates classes a week and be a mom and wife.  I figured a 'too skinny' person wouldn't have the energy to do that.  So as long as I feel good and have the energy to tackle my daily activities, I'm not going to worry about my weight.

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