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Day 21 might have slipped


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Im on Day 21 and going strong. I have been 100% compliant until today. Im at a work training this week in which they provide lunch but I brought my own lunch every day. Except for today. I wasnt feeling well yesterday ( I think I got a migraine and was literally in bed at 6pm last night) so I didnt have time to prepare something to bring for lunch today. I grabbed some lettuce and my own dressing and some fruit but wasnt able to bring any protein for my salad. I was expecting they had some plain grilled chicken or something I could add to my salad that would be Whole30 compliant. 


Lunch time came and they served BBQ. They served Jim N' Nicks, I tried googling the ingredients for the pulled pork and chicken but they did not have them available online. So I risked it and just had some of the chicken with my salad. I still dont know how it was cooked but I really needed some protein for my lunch since I did Crossfit this morning and didnt think I would be able to keep full until dinner. 


Do I have to start again? 


Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts? 




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I'd call the company to find out the exact ingredients.  Often there's soy in the marinade or bbq sauce.  If that's the case, I'd restart.  Soy is something I was very sensitive to during my reintros (and I've heard it's a common one for others).

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