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Legally Goofy's Whole30 Experience


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After months of reading, researching and continuing to feel sick and tired, I have decided to fully commit to the Whole30.


Just as a some background, I am in my mid-twenties, I have run 2 full marathons, and on my way to running my 3rd in January. I have completed over a dozen half marathons and several 5ks. I have also dabbled in triathlon, not a fan because I hate swimming. I am an attorney for a small, boutique law firm in Southwest Florida. 


Goals for the experience: I want to feel good. I am constantly tired, bloated and acne-prone. I am hoping to learn more about my body, decrease the bloating, and maintain the Whole30 as a way of life.


Day 1: June 5


Meal 1- 8:00 am- Egg Whites (6 tbs) and mixed peppers, half of a baked sweet potato, 1 cup of blueberries and raspberries


Meal 2- 12:00 pm- Grilled Chicken, Cucumbers, Carrots and 1 cup of blueberries and raspberries


Movement: 5:30 pm- Ran for 40 minutes


Meal 3- 7:00 pm- Grilled Sirloin and Mixed Vegetables (Carrots, broccoli and cauliflower)


Meal 4- 8:00 pm- Mixed cashews and almond and pistachios while foam rolling.


Drank over 8 glasses of water and two cups of green tea throughout the day.


Did not sleep well last night, but may be because I am a late night snacker and I purposely closed the kitchen at 8 pm last night (2.5 hours before bedtime).


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Welcome to the Whole30! I would highly recommend printing out a copy of the meal template and posted it in your kitchen. Making your meals to the template will help you get the best results from your Whole30.


That said I have some feedback on your first day that might help with your journey. You need fat. In every meal. This means eat the egg yolks not just the egg whites and add fat to your meals. Melt some coconut oil on your sweet potato. Dip you veggies in homemade mayo. Drizzle olive oil over things.


If you are hungry between meals (a good test is if you could eat something boring and bland) than make that a mini meal that consists of protein, fat, and vegetable. Nuts are considered a fat for the Whole30 and we recommend limiting your intake and not eating them as snacks as they cause bloating for many people. If you have a habit of snacking late at night this is a great time to break that habit by having your 3rd meal of the day and calling it done.

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Welcome and congrats on taking a step into the Whole30 journey!  A little feedback : If you are going to eat egg whites, at least eat it from an egg and not a carton.  But  I agree that you should just eat the whole egg(s).  I noticed you went for a run, but there is no pre or post-workout meal listed.  I would make sure to eat both. and then your dinner.  Look at the meal template or search the threads for ideas for meals for Pre/Post-WO.

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