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Really discouraged days 24-26, SO much better day 27


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I almost posted yesterday about how discouraged and miserable I felt.  I had a really rough few days, emotionally, and I was feeling like this thing wasn't working at all.  I felt tired, lethargic, and like I had totally lost that "tiger blood" feeling I had on days 18-22 or so.  I was searching the forums for hope and found a thread where GlennR said that some people hit a wall near the homestretch and it's as if the body and mind are trying to force us back to the old unhealthy ways (I am paraphrasing).  That made so much sense to me.  I realized that my mind was clawing at the walls, trying to find a way to get me discouraged enough to feel like I should give up.  Sugar and general overconsumption have been an emotional crutch for me my entire life.  To put them down, and to put down any "substitutions" (SWYPO foods), and to just eat to nourish my body and not to check out emotionally or comfort myself emotionally... this is a HUGE change.  The novelty is over and my mind is racing to try to make it back to the (unhealthy) comfort zone.  The zone that was slowly killing me, ironically.


I also realized that I had created this crazy unrealistic expectation that I would lose some insane amount of weight 30 days, my skin would be crystal clear, my emotions would be even and generally exceptionally positive (which is especially ironic considering the above - I think it will be a while before my emotions fully resolve around the desire to eat for comfort), my mind would be 100% clear and focused and at rocket scientist-level performance, and that in general the Whole30 would solve all of my problems entirely.  Of course I wasn't consciously aware of those expectations - if you had asked me I would never have admitted, or even realized, I felt that way.  But I think the last few days I was feeling some sort of letdown that I was so close to 30 days and life wasn't perfect yet. ;)


Yesterday I talked myself through this, with the help of the guidance I find here and in my support system, and I realized all of these things.  I looked over the past few weeks and took in and acknowledged the small (and phenomenal) changes I am seeing so far.  My digestion is worlds better, my thinking is somewhat clearer, I have certainly lost weight although I don't know how much - my clothes are fitting a bit better, AND.  MOST importantly to me.  I am not using food to comfort or to check out.  I am not craving sugar.  I am not planning a binge.  I feel free of the grip of food today.  That is the greatest gift I could have hoped to get from this, and I hope it sticks around, a day at a time.  And of course added to all of that: I am not done yet.  I have a few days left, I may extend a bit, and after that I have the rest of my life to continue to evolve into the healthiest possible way of nourishing my body and mind.


I'm not sure if this is the best forum to post this in, as I'm not asking for help troubleshooting anything at the moment.  But I have personally spent a lot of time on this forum, searching for solutions.  I thought if someone was struggling and saw this it might give them hope.  Of course if there is a better place for this I will understand if it is moved/removed.  I just wanted to put it out there.

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I definitely went through that on my first w30. I was downright depressed and anxious as I entered the homestretch. I think it's a case of "wherever you go, there you are."

Which is to say, you finished this big thing and yet when you're done you are left with whatever else you still have to deal with.

I also felt anxiety about going back to my old ways of eating and how to deal with temptation without the rigidity of the w30. That one is easier bc you can keep eating w30, or close to it, as long as you want.

Glad you are feeling more positive!

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Day 27 for me today...and I get it...I feel like that too! Glad to know it's somewhat normal. Yesterday I didn't think anything sounded good...I was sick of this whole thing! But committed to finish and your post certainly helped me realize I'm not alone! Thanks!

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I appreciate your post and can relate to your comments too.  I am at day 26 and am anxious about eating post Whole 30.  I decided to re-read the book and really focus on the reintroduction part.  Not sure how much weight I have lost, but definitely feel my digestion is better, my energy is great, my sweet cravings are tamed a bit and my clothes fit better.   Thanks for sharing!

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ODAAT & others:

I am so glad that this was posted here, as I was looking for some understanding and probably would never have searched for 'success stories'.

I am at the end of Day 27 of my first Whole 30, and today was rough!

To begin with, I did NOT want breakfast, but made myself eat it.

As the morning progressed, I developed a headache & upset stomach.

(As a side-note: I had read that white potatoes are now allowed, so I had a small one with my meal last night...

Perhaps my body is voting 'no' on this food?)

Anyway, I crashed! Slept about 3 hours, and even though I'm awake now, I feel like I'm in a fog.

Forced myself to eat my 2nd/3rd meal (slept through one),

And I was actually hungry again.

It's all very strange, but I related so much to many of your posts, that I thought I'd share.

And, I too have been experiencing anxiety about Day 31.

I know this is about much more than weight, but I do need to see the number decrease.

My clothes are getting loose and most days, my energy level has increased, but I am almost 100 pounds overweight,

I'm ready to unleash the 'real me'!

The idea of reintroducing scares me. I suspect I may continue with another 30 days, or more.

Would love to hear from anyone with help or info. Thanks!

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