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Better late than never


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Hi whole30'ers! This is my first post but I just finished Day 7 of the programme! I'm so proud of myself, I stuck with it even in the most tempting situations! I should've post here on Day 1 but I really thought I didn't need any help. My family (husband and 2 kids) is supporting me and went through hell on my Days 4 and 5 when my mood was horrible! I think my husband was really cool with me on these days, he's got his adrenaline going because he runs every day, good for me! Anyway, I happy to say that after day 6 I have a very pleasant mood and I can feel my energy level going up gradually, even though I don't sleep a lot because of my night shifts at work! Good luck to everyone on the Whole30, now I know for sure it gets better and although this is my first experience, I expect a lot from this. I even was able to make everyone eat like me tonight for dinner!    Also, Thank you so much Melissa Joulwan for your fabulous "The clothes make the girl" and its delicious recipes and tricks and trades! You are saving my life one meal at a time!

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