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Little g's Third W30


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Back again :)  Hubs asked to do another one.  Oh the irony :)


Goals this time around:


1.  Eat breakfast.  I've been skipping it and "saving" calories for 3 desserts (which are all just fruit, but still, not a good mindset).  


2.  Stop having three desserts.  See 1.  I have continued to not log food so when I say "save" calories it was more of an idea of - well if I am only eating 2 meals a day 3 kinds of fruit for dessert will be fine... But that needs to stop.  I'm honestly in shock that I still have no interest in chocolate for dessert but am not happy that now post dinner I'm having a grapefruit, then some strawberries, then mango with coconut milk.  I want to get back to where ONE of those is enough.  


That is really it.  I feel like eating 90/10 has been effortless and is totally a choice I make about nourishing my body rather than a diet I'm on to lose weight.  Of course, I'd like to lose weight but I can't make that a goal since I can't control that.  So this time around my goals are things I have control over :)


For the record I weighed 138.0 this morning (possibly dehydrated from yesterday's Spartan race though).  I need to go buy a tape measure and will get those tomorrow morning.  


Day 1:



M1: 3 fried eggs in my newly re-seasoned and non-stick cast iron skillet :) , leftover kobucha squash with 1/4 c coconut milk, snap peas


M2: curry tuna (1 can tuna, 1/2 avocado, splash of coconut milk, curry powder), 1 sliced yellow pepper, snap peas, 2 HB eggs 


M3: dad in town so he is treating :)  Went to the local food coop and got food we normally wouldn't splurge on: 1 lb wild caught jumbo shrimp, 1 lb grassfed flank steak.  Sides were pan roasted brussel sprouts, pan roasted broccoli and a salad.  Munched on 3 small clementines and some carrots while cooking.  Had a grapefruit and a bowl of blueberries and strawberries with coconut milk.



Hungry today.  Hoping a few days of good eating will get things back under control and end the roller coaster of a day of too much food followed by a day of too little food.

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Welcome back!  Good luck with round 3.


Breakfast is my favorite meal.  I love breakfast.  :)  I hope you're able to find one that you love enough to change the habits you want to change.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Thanks :)


Day 2:


2.5 mile walk with the doggies


M1: nada.  Coordination fail with dad for meeting for breakfast.  Oh well.  Had a kombucha around 11.


12 WOD - 3 RM squat clean.  105.  Felt too heavy today but I was chatting too much and not focusing.  Doing a warm up of 5 with the bar and then 3 with 85 lbs and then going straight to 105 was probably not the best idea either.  I did a set of 5 at 115 from the hang last week so I think today was an off day.  Or the lack of breakfast :)


2:30ish - big salad with 1 tin of sardines, 2 HB eggs, 3 clementines, small sweet potato, diced red pepper and some balsamic vinaigrette.  I can't believe how good that was.  Bowl of strawberries with 1/2 c coconut milk.  


I went out and got 5 more tins of sardines.  And 2 lbs of brussel sprouts.  The me of last year would gag if I saw the present day me at the check out!  I must say that the Wild Planet sardines in water are much better than the TJ sardines.  Why does the expensive stuff always have to taste better ;)?


7 PM - smoked paprika slow cooked drumsticks (shredded the meat - maybe 3 drumsticks worth), 1 lb of brussel sprouts cooked in lard and coconut oil, small salad with 2 clementines.  Kombucha.  Grapefruit.  Coconut milk on something later.

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Last minute family emergency and had to travel.  Stayed 100% perfectly compliant for breakfast and lunch each day because we had a kitchen in our hotel room.  Did my best with dinner but wasn't going to deal with trying to stay compliant.  Had two cheeseburgers (no bun :) ) and maybe an McD's chocolate dipped cone and some twizzlers... The cone and the twizzlers were after our flight home got delayed 2.5 hrs (taking off at 11 PM) and would have turned into a binge had the airport not essentially closed.  So, disaster averted.  


On the bright side - we walked 5+ miles each day in addition to our 5 mile runs along the lake so that was great.  Overall for the stress of this weekend I'm totally thrilled that 1 cone and a pack of twizzlers was the extent of the damage.  


Now that this one got derailed and wasn't going to be a full 30 days (hubs wanted to be done by July 4) I'm thinking I may wait.  I start night shifts in a few weeks and am thinking that would be a good time to really do a W30 that is my choice, not just a support W17 or whatever this one is at this point.  I'm so compliant in my day to day life anyway that supporting hubs isn't a challenge.  My schedule will be more routine starting tomorrow too so that will help with the breakfast issue and I'll still try to be good about dessert.  I didn't really have any while we were away!

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