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Starting June 10. Preparation and anticipation.


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Hi, I'm completely new at this. Also, I haven't posted an image of myself in literally years but today I posted one in my profile. I guess this means I'm completely down with doing the Whole30.  Moving in and moving on it.

In December of 2013, grieving and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I got a little dog. She rescued me. I found happiness for the first time in 18 months. Long story short, we are in training to give back.  Soon, Lola and I will perform  a little show for children with life threatening diseases. Happiness was Lola's gift to me and our gift to share.

I never imagined that the next chapter in my life would be performance based!  I'm seriously over-weight and in pain. My knees hurt. I'm enveloped in brain fog. And I can't get to the floor. It's time to pull it together and get healthy.

Start Date: June 10



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