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Finding the right post whole30 balance


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I did the whole 30 back at the end of January and had great results. But since then from traveling and too many social outings, I'm finding It hard to find a good post30 balance.

If anyone has any tips or tricks or advice. Id be happy to hear them!

As of today I'm going to try be more strict until I get a good balance. And I'll log my foods in here and how I'm feeling each day to keep me accountable. I hope to get more energy and pick the right foods on an every day basis to get a great balance and healthy lifestyle for good!

I'm moving house this week so I'm trying to create fresh starts on all aspects of my life. A new dawn... A new day.

Xoxo L.

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A couple of things I'm eating that don't make what I'm doing 'whole30' are as follows

I'm allowing myself to eat the following

- rice

- beans

Still trying to stick strictly to no sugar/added sugar, no wheat, no dairy

If I go out for a bday or celebration I'll allow myself vodka lime and soda. No drinks with sugary mixers Etc

Champagne only to be had for a worth while celebration event.

This is all about me finding a healthy balance that I can stick to 100%

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In the book they mention how to slowly start incorporating certain food groups back into your diet little by little to see what may irritate you or cause inflammation. If you start eating all food groups once you've completed Whole30 (all at once) you miss the opportunity to analyze reactions from your body to specific things. 

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Thanks.  Yes I know about re-introduction. And I did a small reintroduction after my full whole 30 earlier in the year.  I know that I am fine when it comes to beans and rice - hence why I am ok with eating them more often :)


Todays Meals... (day 1 of 'staying on track')

*Note - Im sick with a cold today and have very little energy + I'm also working the late shift 4pm-11.40pm


8AM Meal 1 - 3 eggs scrambled with turkey and olives - cooked in coconut oil.  + black coffee


12PM Meal 2 - thai green curry noodle soup


3PM Snack - chicken breast + 1/2 avocado


7.15PM Meal 3 - Chicken breast cooked in olive oil and coconut aminos with bok choi, 1/3 cup brown rice, sweet potato - seasoned with miso paste

- 1 cup rooibos tea


- didnt manage to get my 2.5-3L of water today.. Only got down 1.5L - I will have to work on that today


All in all I feel pretty lousy today but that can only improve...

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Welcome back! With your rice are you pre-soaking it? Brown rice has anti-nutrients in it that can keep you from actually using the nutrients. Check into Weston Price Foundation about such things. Personally if I want rice I just have white rice because it is easier to prepare.


Also I'm moving this log to the Post Whole30 Log section because that is where it belongs. This section of the forum is more for people looking for help with a specific problem getting/staying on track with their Whole30.

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No I havent been soaking my brown rice. I wasnt aware of this.  I usually have brown rice and home and white rice if im eating out anywhere. 

I wil have a read of how to prepare etc, but also may have white rice for home too once the brown rice is used up :)


No worries about moving this thread over, wasnt sure where to put it.  Thanks


I'm full of a virus at the moment so I'm pretty much bed ridden.  Its made my diet slow right down and Im having a lot of chicken soup and trying to sleep and keep fluids up.


Wont be logging on for the next few days until I am better.  Cant wait to feel better and retain some decent energy.


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Finally over a bad virus.  lots of bed rest and carbs.


trying to get back into 3 large meals per day without snacking is a little tricky but as long as i drink lots of water and tea in between, i think i can stick to it.


today so far...


meal 1 - 10.30am - two eggs, grated zucchini, carrot, mushrooms, and chicken breast cooked like a an omelete in some coconut oil and I also had a black coffee and 4 prunes.


gym at 11.30am - 10 mins of cardio (incline power walking) Followed by 25 minutes of back/bicep workout


I plan to have my next meal around 2.30 or 3pm  and then my final meal around 7pm.  


I am working the late shift at work which means starting at 4pm and I wont get home until middnight.  Trying to not snack before bed will probably be difficult but once again I plan to just have a big cup of tea and then sleep.    Lets see how I go! :)  

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2:30pm Meal 2 - beef and veg stir fry with coconut aminos + 1 apple

7:20pm meal 3 - same as meal 2 but with a banana

Really tired at work tonight so had 1 nodoz pill at 7pm to keep me going until midnight (100mg caffeine)

Also have had stomach pains since 4pm so took

Buscopan at 7:15pm

Have so far drank 1.5L water and two cups of rooibos tea.

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woke up feeling good this morning but not very hungry so had a small meal 1.


meal 1 - 10am - two eggs cooked plain, 3 strawberries and 4 brazil nuts + one cup of black coffee


meal 2 - 1.45pm - was out at a cafe with a friend.  had a grilled haloumi and avocado salad and a black coffee.  i had 4 prunes when i got home at 2.30pm


its currently 2.45pm and im feeling pretty tired.  i dont start work again until 4pm.


meal 3 will be at 7pm and is a can of red salmon + green beans and sweet potato + one small red apple


trying to up my water intake today but i find this hard when the weather is cooler.

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