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My whole 30 - the sequel


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Day 10:


    Today was my day I am up and awake nearly 24hrs switching back to night shift (I had the past 6 days off work). . This is why my meals are a bit strange. . . I tried to still eat the alotted daily amount of meat/veggies/fats - but had to break them into 4 "meals". In hindsight I should have had some protein in meal 4 - alas, next time. I have started keeping track of the times of my meals to try to help me troubleshoot on these difficult, long days.


M1: 10am: 3 egg scramble with sausage, avocado and tomatoes. Half an apple. Coffee.


1-4pm: nap


M2: 5pm: 2 salmon cakes, more coffee.

M3: 10pm: Large mixed green salad with grilled chicken, kale, tomatoes, beet kraut, black olives and oil and vinegar.

M4: 4am: Butternut squash soup (homemade and W30 compliant). Handful of cashews.


On a cool, positive side note. That butternut squash soup I made tasted like pure heaven. It almost tasted too sweet (a statement I rarely made in the past). It only has butternut squash, apples, carrots, onions, chicken stock and some seasonings in it - but still, I'll have to be careful to not get addicted. .

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Day 11:

M1: 5pm: 3 egg omelet with turkey deli meat (Paleo approved), avocado and black olives. Black coffee.

M2:12am: Chocolate chili (from Well Fed) on a bed of spinach. Coconut cauliflower (also from Well Fed).

M3: 6am: 2 salmon cakes (from ISWF). Jicama and carrots slices.


Didn't get in the stairs tonight. . Crazy night at the hospital. I am proud I managed to find the time to eat my 3 meals. Feeling good - energy level is getting back to my norm, if not more so- yay!

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Haven't seen you in a few days.....  how are things going?


oops - I forgot to go to page two.....   :rolleyes:


Crazy nights at the hospital are just all too common.  Usually, when it is like that, you get in way more exercise than if you had time to do the steps :).  I used to wear my pedometer.  When I was hitting 7-10,000 from midnight to 7am.....  well, lets just say I stopped wearing it!

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Day 12:


M1:  5pm: Back to my go-to delicious breakfast. I swear, I could live off this. Apple, sweet potato, kale, sausage mix (cooked in ghee).


M2: 12am: Chocolate chili on a large bed of spinach. Small bowl of the Zucchini-garlic soup from WF2.


M3: 6am: Butternut squash soup and a handful of cashews. Kombucha (Enlightened G.T. - read the ingredients - appears to be compliant). Oops - forgot the protein here :(


Exercise: 20 flights of stairs.


I don't know if my blood is tiger-level yet, but feeling good. All in all, smooth sailing.

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Day 14:

This was a big day for me, one that I approached with a mix of pride and trepidation. It's the day I quit on last time around. Strangely, I felt similar in some ways as I did on my last day 14. Cravings were really strong- probably because of being at an all day family BBQ (aka snack fest). I didn't cheat though, in large part due to the fact that my parents and sister in law eat paleo and had lots of fun new options to eat. Needless to say, their support was greatly appreciated today.

M1: ground beef, apple, sweet potato hash. Coffee

M2: (kinda pigged out): ground beef burger. Sweet potato-egg salad (from PaleOMG). Asparagus-green bean salad. Broccoli slaw. Jicama slices.

M3: Asian meatballs (Nom Nom Paleo). Butternut squash soup. Handful of cashews.

Hot herbal tea.

Mowed the yard.. Does that count for exercise?? Kidding.

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Thank you kmlynne! I appreciate your ongoing support!


Day 15: 


  Today was my switch back to work day so another day of being awake for 24hrs and trying to eat only 3 meals... I decided to cut myself some slack and eat 4 meals and a snack. I've been feeling pretty tired, lethargic, unmotivated and crabby the past couple days - which is disheartening because this is kind of how I felt on days 4 and 5. The mythical "tiger blood" thing is not happening for me yet. However, I haven't reached out for advice because I really think I feel this way due to my own poor choices. I know I am not sleeping enough (big surprise) and I might not be eating large enough portions of food (or not getting enough fat with each meal). On the upside, I am pretty positive I have been losing weight. So, for the next few days I am going to ramp up the food, fat and sleep intake and re-evaluate how I feel. .


M1: 9:30am: 1.25 aidell's chicken sausages, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 apple and 1 cup kale mixture. Cooked in ghee.

Snack: 12pm: handful of almonds

Nap: 1-4pm

M2: 5pm: handful of almonds and 2 no-fuss salmon cakes

M3: 12am: Chocolate chili (about a cup). Large helping of coconut cauliflower.

M4: 6am: 5 Asian meatballs (from Nom Nom paleo). Broccoli slaw. Asparagus and green bean 'salad' with (approved) vinagrette.

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Hey ConfusedOmnivore,

I noticed a lot of discussion regarding your fat intake on your log and decided to offer my experience in case it helps you. I noticed during my first whole30 that my cravings/desire to snack were more intense if I didn't eat enough fat during my meals or if I wasn't getting enough starchy veggies, but the biggest thing was fat. For some reason, I also find that all fats are not created equal in that respect. Avocados are the most satisfying to me. I also noticed that the amount of fat i need to add depends on whether I'm eating a fatty protein source or a leaner protein source.

I talk about my some in my food log on here "Laur`s Whole60 & Ramblings," if you're curious.

Hope this helps!


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Thank you L!  I will check out your log. I definitely appreciate your advice. I might be similar to you in regards to needing more fat intake - particularly from avocados (or for me, olives and fattier meats). Nuts are a problem for me because they are like candy and I have a hard time stopping at one handful. . . Thanks again for the advice!



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Day 16:



    Feeling better today - its amazing what eating a little more food will do for you! I hope I am not overdoing it, but I think its warranted to play around a little with my portions and try to figure out what works for me. . . I am starting to feel a little more energy today (at least back to my pre-whole30 levels and maybe a little more so). Can't wait to have a few days off work, get some good sleep and then see how I feel - I am sure it's going to be good :).


M1: 5:30pm: 3 egg scramble with 1/2 Aidell's chicken sausage, 1/2 avocado and 1/3 sweet potato. black coffee x2


M2: 12am: Large mixed green salad with Best chicken ever, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, handful of olives, jicama and Tessamae's balsamic vinagrette. 1 Synergy Komucha (Gingerberry).


M3: 6am: 2 No-Fuss Salmon Cakes. Sweet potato and egg salad (from PaleOMG).

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Day 17:


   The "day" is not over yet, but I have a second to sit down and type so I figure I should do this now. I am having terrible cravings today . . .  for SLEEP!! The food cravings, even my beloved pre- Whole30 latte addiction is fading a little - yay!! I just really need to sleep more. Anyways, here's the plan for today.


M1: 4pm: 2 no-fuss salmon cakes. Handful of almonds. coffee.


Snack: 9pm: Tanka bar (buffalo meat and dried cranberries= delicious!).

M2: 12am: 1 Aidell chicken sausage, 1/3 sweet potato, 1 apple hash on a large bed of spinach. 1 Synergy Kombucha.

M3: 5 or 6am: 4 Asian meatballs. Bowl of Silky Zucchini-Ginger soup. Mix of raw broccoli, jicama and cauliflower. Hot tea.


8am: go home and sleep like the dead!

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Day 18:

I love the city I live in (Portland, OR)! I found two paleo friendly food carts on the same street, one of which was exclusively paleo (The Cultured Caveman). This evening could have been wrought with challenges. I spent it walking around a monthly outdoor street art-fest and then went to a friend's house party. I preemptively filled up on a large dinner and then crossed my fingers and hoped my resolve would withstand these tests... I did surprisingly just fine. Yes, I really, really wanted a beer and passing up on Salt & Straw ice cream was difficult, but unlike the past, it didn't ruin my night. In the absence of constantly thinking about what I wasn't getting to eat I was actually able to enjoy the conversation with others. I feel just a tad bit freed from the iron grip of food thoughts. It's nice.

8am-2pm: slept like the dead

M1: 3pm: 1/2 Aidell sausage. Grilled chicken, apple, sweet potato mix. Coffee.

M2: 7pm: large salad of: grilled chicken, lettuces, artichoke hearts, olives, almonds, tomatoes, peppers & light Italian vinaigrette. Kombucha. Coffee.

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Day 19:

I was so hungry this morning (only ate 2 meals yesterday)! I made up for it today.. I'm laying flat on the floor due to being too full at the moment :) Sorry if that's TMI...

M1: 7am: ground beef and 3 egg scramble. Side of butternut squash soup. Half an apple. Coffee.

M2: 12pm: spinach salad with carrots, beet kraut, sunflower seeds, avocado and Tessamaes vinaigrette. 3 large Asian meatballs. Handful of cherries.

M3: 6:30pm: coconut curry (I added a tblsp of sunbutter) with ground beef, broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and zucchini. Handful of curry cashews.

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Day 20:

M1: 10:00am: chicken sausage, kale, apple, sweet potato mix. Coffee.

Snack: 12:30pm: fried plantains, hazelnuts

M2: 3:30pm: large grilled chicken, sweet potato-egg salad, sweet & salty broccoli salad, mixed fruit.

Snack: 8pm: 3 handfuls of almonds/cashews.

Not my proudest day of eating. Nuts are bad for me... as in they're addictive :(

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