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Cath's Whole30 Journey


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OK, so Day 2 today. Vague headache, now starting to get a bit worse as 3pm approaches. Not as bad as previous "detox" type headaches though...normally I'm in bed with blind closed and throwing up by the end of the first day (and subsequently quit). Not sure why it's not as bad this time, the only thing I'm doing different is loading up on more fat.


Read through the "timeline" last night...quite the eye opener as to what is to come. But at least I go in with eyes wide open. I know I'm impatient so if I have to wait until day 30 for some sign of "results" it will really test me. But I know I really need to stick with it, if for no other reason than not letting myself down on my commitments to myself...something I seem to be doing a lot lately.


Am hoping to use this 30 day challenge to my advantage and start documenting meal plans a little better to help with planning, prepping and budgeting. Also doing a 30 day declutter of my house...15mins to declutter every day of the 30 day challenge.  I'll be a new, healthier, more organised person by the end of 30 days (that's the plan anyway)


Meals for Day One:

3 egg omelette with mushrooms, onion and olives

Chicken salad with Avo oil, rice wine vinegar, coriander

Chicken loaf stuffed full of veges with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and avo mayo


Meals for Day Two:

Pork mince, apple and cinnamon on salad

Salad with leftover chicken loaf and avo mayo

Beef rogan josh with side veges (not sure exactly what yet!)


Baby Harrson is waking so gotta run.




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Day 2.5. Feel like I'm hungover and had a TERRIBLE night. The wanting to kill everyone phase hit early! I was desperate to get to bed by 8pm but sick kiddies meant I didn't get to bed until midnight and up again at 5am :(


The only saving grace is that despite feeling terrible, I DONT feel like quitting. I am thirsty thirsty thirsty and can hardly summon the strength to walk up stairs but am about to pop some food in the oven and hopefully get a 20min power nap while my wee man is sleeping.


Meal Plan for Today:

Breakfast: leftovers from last night (couldn't face cooking and last nights meal was so YUMMO!)

Lunch: Salad with Roast Chicken and roast veges (beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato)

Dinner:....Chicken but not sure how yet. Probably skewers with veges and maybe some more avo mayo or the morrocan sauce. Sounds like something the boys will eat.


Hope everyone is having a good day  :) 

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Ok, I've made it to the start of day 5! Yesterday afternoon was a test....fri afternoon was always going to be and without thinking about it I didn't include starchy veg with my lunch. By 4pm I was genuinely hungry, combined with tired whining kids, the thought of wine and chocolate was very tempting. But instead I grabbed some roast chicken, olive oil mayo and a few olives and felt much better for it.

I'm noticing that I'm not physically craving any of the non-compliant foods, but mentally there is a strange little dialogue going on, trying to convince me to quit. But that is exactly why I need to keep at it, no matter what my physical results, the biggest win for me will be actually staying with this for 30 days.

Yesterday's meals:

Breakfast: chicken and avo omelette. Was actually too full to eat all of it

Lunch: salmon n broccoli salad with mayo

Dinner: apple n rosemary chicken with sweet potato mash

Today's plan

Chicken n avo omelette

Chicken n roast veg salad

Steak with parsnip n carrot fries

Happy weekend everyone :)

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Ok, I've just realised why I'm not struggling that much...I am eating damn delicious food. There was no chicken left for my salad for lunch, so popped lamb roast in oven...had greek lamb salad with roast sweet potato, carrot and beets! Tasted so good :)

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HI Amanda,


Yes I survived the weekend!!! Actually, I didn't find it as hard as I thought I would. The fact we have little kids so social outings are a rarity helps, but I still normally like to "treat" myself on the weekend. I also think the blanket rule of no cheats helps ALOT. Most things I've done in the past have allowed a treat session...which I would always bargain around.


I am feeling pretty good overall. The lure of golden sleep is driving me mad...all this feedback that sleep will be great unfortunately doesn't allow for babies and children in the house. I can tell my sleep is deeper, but still interrupted constantly by small children.


The changes I've noticed so far:


I feel much more calm/level/happy. Hard to explain this one, just feel much more positive. Not sure if it is psychological because I feel I am achieving something, or physical. Probably a combination of both


No more afternoon slump. Despite interrupted sleep, I don't need an afternoon coffee (or sugar) to get me through


Not really enjoying coffee so much anymore. I used to LOVE coffee, but I think because I don't need it now, I'm just preferring a peppermint tea.


I feel less bloated


Definitely more aware of true hunger (or lack of it) 


The one remaining struggle is the SCALES. I really really really want to step on them to see if I have lost weight, but I'm also too scared to because if I haven't then I know I'll be discouraged and question whether I should continue. Which is crazy given everything that I have noticed above.


Well I am off to cook some lime prawns for lunch. Have to catch up on my menu journaling later.


Amanda - Week 2 here we come! :)

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My "babies" are now 10 and 8, so they sleep through the night.

I've always been a great sleeper, so I can't notice if the W30 is helping.

I think I do feel less bloated, which is one of my main goals.

Day 8 is going great!


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Ok I'm suddenly struggling :(


I've woken up with a head cold, and NO energy at all. Just feel like making lazy eating options. Having said that, there is still something in my heart/head that knows I won't give up. I can only compare it to the resolve/acceptance you have when giving up alcohol and other foods in pregnancy. Ok, you'd LIKE to have some, but you just know you can't/won't.


I really feel like a "treat" so I'm going to purchase Well Fed2 and have a good look through that while my wee one is sleeping. And I've bought a yummy pork roast for dinner so that is something to look forward to as well.


I hope you're having a better day than I am Amanda

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While you shouldn't have large quantities, the following are options for treats:

- nuts like cashews and pistachios

- dried figs: naturally sweet

I stocked up on these today.


Fresh berries over whipped coconut milk.

Fresh apples w/ almond butter.


I've made these: microwave really really thin slices of sweet potato = sweet potato chips.  <-- Sooooo good.


Maybe get some fresh air/go walking/work-out: get that blood pumping.


You can do this.  Take it day by day.



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Confession time...I ate a cookie yesterday :-(


Was tempted to just quietly disappear off this forum, but after reading a number of other posts that kept on posting after "fails" and eventually got "there" (wherever "there" is), I thought I'd just fess up and keep going.


I actually feel great this morning, not because of the cookie, but because it hasn't caused a major downslide and I haven't given up. 9 days was enough to make me realise how poor my diet had been, and how achievable a decent diet is, not mention how much better I feel without sugar highs and lows. I have also been focussing on being kind to myself, and my mantra at the moment in meditation is "may I see myself through eyes of understanding and compassion". So that is what I am doing. Yes I slipped up...yes, I am human, but I am back on track today am just going to keep on trucking along.

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Confession time...I ate a cookie yesterday :-(


Was tempted to just quietly disappear off this forum, but after reading a number of other posts that kept on posting after "fails" and eventually got "there" (wherever "there" is), I thought I'd just fess up and keep going.


 Glad to see you getting back on the wagon.


Think about what triggered the choice to eat the cookie, so you can learn from it.  What if that trigger pops up again in the next 30 days? What strategies can you use this time around to keep you on track?


I wish you the best in stringing together 30 consecutive compliant days this go-around.

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