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Day 15...and still low energy


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I'm on day 15 and I'm still low energy. Mainly I feel sluggish during the afternoon. Pre-whole30 I would combat this with some inappropriate snack or caffeinated beverage....and I've been able to avoid these as well as notice that I don't feel hungry. But I want to feel that boost of energy! I'm wondering if maybe I am not eating enough? or too much? Another factor is that I'm having a longer period than usual (started Friday and still going). Maybe because my hormone levels are changing as a result of the whole30? And maybe that is contributing to the low energy? Anyone else notice anything similar and how long did it last? Do I need to tweak things or just wait it out? Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated!

A couple of other notes:

I had a miss on day 8 so technically speaking I could be on day 7...I thought I avoided everything with sugar etc at a korean bbq place but I ended up feeling not-so-hot the next day...

Typical whole 30 meals for me so far:

meal 1 = 2-3 eggs scrambled with onion, seasoned ground pork

meal 2 = thai basil beef recipe from everyday paleo (onion, bell pepper, basil), 1/3 cu blueberries, kale chips

meal 3 = chicken with mixed veggies (broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini) and a homemade pesto

...I think I might not be getting the recommended amount of fat per meal...but I don't like avocado very much and too many nuts is a trigger for me for sweet things...

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