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OMG! they finally admitted it....

Guest Andria

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Guest Andria

on the Today Show, no less!


So most of us, who have followed the Whole30/ Paleo/Primal WOE, have been reading for years that saturated fat is healthy (increase the light fluffy LDL particles = good) and it is the refined carbs that are the problem(increasse the small dense LDL particles = bad).  There have even been some print articles(and research papers, just can't link to them right now), recently, that have exonerated saturated fat.


So the Today Show nutritionist, finally spoke some words of logic!!! She basically exonerated saturated fat, said go ahead and eat your butter and be sure it is not on a bagel but on veggies!!! Yay!


It's amazing how Loooong it is taking for this message to get out. It is like "the experts" know this information, but  afraid to make these statements publicly. 


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