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Today is Day 8 for me and I have been 100% compliant up to this point.

I went to a salad bar style restaurant for lunch today and used vinegar and oil as my salad dressing. The first plate was EVOO + vinegar and I felt fine, but the olive oil was very strong. The second plate I used "Salad Oil" + vinegar and got a headache almost immediately upon finishing.

When I got home I decided to call the restaurant to see what type of oil they use for their Salad Oil. The gal told me it was plain old vegetable oil.

I'm assuming this would be some combination of canola, safflower, and/or soy.

I used perhaps 2 tsp (I like to drown my salads in vinegar and just need a bit of oil to make the vinegar stick!), but was wondering if I need to restart my Whole30 again since vegetable oil is not on the plan? I'm not sure if this amount of taboo oil would be enough to undo the healing that is (undoubtedly) taking place in my gut up to this point.

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I would not start over if it were canola oil, but I would if it were soy. In the absence of information, you might want to play it by ear and see how you feel about continuing at day 30. I started with a Whole90 myself.

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