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Jules Whole 30 #2


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Hello all -

I am beginning my second Whole 30 tomorrow -- and my goals are to get as fit as I can in 30 days -- as well as eliminate inflammation in my body. I have arthritis and have noticed that the pain level increases with my consumption of sugar and alcohol -- two fun things, ha ha!

My first Whole 30 a year ago changed my diet drastically -- and I have slipped back into old patterns. I am ready to sky rocket into a new level of health and fitness!!

I am so excited about this!!


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Day four -- this is much easier the second time around because I changed my diet drastically with my first Whole 30.


Hey - any suggestions on nuts?? I eat too many almonds and like the crunch and fat... any good substitutes?


Carrot Juice -  I know juices are okay -- but carrot juice is supposed to be a really good anti-inflammatory. Any suggestions about drinking that while on the whole 30?





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Juices are ok as additives to food, but w30 "frowns" on drinking juices as part of your meal. For one reason, juice is digested very quickly and will leave you feeling hungrier, quicker.  Perhaps making a pureed carrot soup to have for breakfast will give you all the anti-inflammatory benefit as well as the fiber.  Have some raw carrots with lunch to add in a few more.


Personally, I think you will see benefits from cutting out known inflammatories (grains and beans, etc) before you see benefits from anti-inflammatories - after all, you'd have to have gallons of juice to override the junk :)


Welcome back to w30!

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