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Day 19 check-in

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On day 19 of my first whole30. Feeling wonderful! So much energy, workouts feeling great, sleeping well. Only hold up is I don't feel any leaner yet. Obviously health is my main goal, but would be great to shed those pesky last 10 pounds. Here's a typical day if anyone has weight-loss boosting sugestions. Thanks in advance!

7 am: wake-up, big spoonful almond butter, 3 mile run or hiit workout, followed by 3 egg omelet with spinach and onions, half a sweet potato and a banana.

11 am: big salad with chicken, veggies, fruit, 3 T mayo vinigarette.

3 pm: snack - a few bites of (mayo-based) chicken salad, lunch leftovers, a fee cashews or Larabar if on the go.

6 pm: 4 oz burger topped with guac, roasted broccoli and zucchini, a few pieces of watermelon.

Bed: 11 pm

I work out about four times a week. On rest days I skip the almond butter but am still usually hungry for an afternoon snack even after a filling lunch. I could definitely stand to drink more water - having probably 36 oz a day now. Also should probably cut down on fruit. Thanks for the help!

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Your lunch sounds light, so it is no wonder you get hungry later in the afternoon. Salads are often not very filling and chicken never keeps me satisfied as long as beef.


Your supper sounds too light - 4 ounce burger. 


Not eating enough convinces your body to slow your metabolism, which makes weight loss very slow if it happens at all. You might find your metabolism speeding up if you ate a little more. That said, I hate larabars and would always recommend you cut them out. 


You would benefit from doubling the water you have been drinking. 


Finally, weight loss during a Whole30 is probably more about getting your hormones where they need to be and not about calories. Because weight loss is not a simple matter of calories in/calories out, the timing of weight loss depends upon when your hormones start helping you instead of slowing your progress. Maybe day 19 is too early for you.

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