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Starting Friday the 13th


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I'm starting tomorrow :)  and I am exhausted from a huge Walmart trip to stock up on whole 30 foods. Exactly the reason why I need this more than anything. I would like to be able to go to the store and not be completely worn out. There was no good meat at Walmart so I still need to get some meat tomorrow and find the clarified butter/ghee stuff.  I've got eggs, ground turkey, & maybe some chicken in the freezer. I am also going to stop by the local produce stand and see what they've got.  I have never done anything this long and I am thinking my body is so out of balance from a constant sugary, carb, overloaded diet that I may need a whole 45 or whole 60 to recover. It will be tough to not snack between meals. Not out of hunger but out of habit or any emotional excuse I rationalize. I'm trying to get my kids involved in helping me - they've got some number flashcards to count down the days with me. They will also be sharing in the increased vegetables in our diets. :)  I will attempt to make them the same foods that I eat but just make them kid friendly. :ph34r: I will weight myself and take pics tomorrow. Then again at day 30!

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