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MissWolvie's 1st Whole30!


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Hi all! I am starting my first Whole30 from a position where I need to increase my healthfulness, let go of some recurring pain, resolve long-term back-neck-headache issues and lose a little weight. I am already a keen cook, I love being in the kitchen and pulling together tasty food that people enjoy. Hopefully I can honour that during my Whole30 and make food I am happy eating. Thanks for reading!


Day 1: 

Breakfast: Two fried eggs, lemon mayo, grilled cherry tomatoes

Lunch: Roasted brined chicken (from TheClothesMaketheGirl - best ever chicken), lemon mayo, fresh cherry tomatoes

Dinner: Mocha steak (from It Starts with Food), roasted sweet potato and carrot, salad greens and cherry tomatoes with lemon mayo, plus grapes to finish

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Day 1 (yesterday) was a busy cooking day including making the soup for my lunches this week. Day 2 was a long work day with a very early 4.30am start, followed by a medical appointment. I'm happy with how I've gone on the first two days, although I have quite a bad headache now. I'm not sure if that's my usual headaches that I've had for years, or due to too little drinking water, or because of the Whole30. I also received my coconut aminos in the post today, so the plan for dinner tomorrow is to makes something with that - perhaps some fish, or a stir fry including the stems of the broccoli from tonight. 


Day 2:

Breakfast: Reheated roasted brined chicken, sautéed spinach, lemon mayo and grilled cherry tomatoes

Lunch: Beef, leek and cabbage soup

Dinner: Paprika fried chicken strips with lemon-tomato-olive oil sauce (loosely based off chicken piccata), broccoli and sautéed cherry tomatoes, with grapes to finish

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When you eat eggs, a serving is how many you can hold in your hand - for most people, that is 3-4 eggs.


I found that printing out the template and taping it to my refrigerator was the best thing to remind me to eat enough!

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Thank you both for your advice. I know that my first couple of meals especially were too light, so I am working on making sure I have enough. I am quite small (5'2", 60kg) with small hands (3 eggs would be a struggle but just manageable), and the generic calorie counter sites recommend around 1500 calories for me in a day, although I know we're not counting calories at all. I am fairly comfortable with the amount of protein I'm getting in each meal now. My breakfast for today was 1/2 a chicken breast, which was nearly the size of my palm, plus an egg to round it up. I used plenty of mayo for the fat. I think I need far more veggies, but I was not up for going out to the shops last night. I think I might need to roast some sweet potatoes or carrots and reheat them with my breakfasts. 


Thanks again!




Well, it's evening here now, and I have to say I am disappointed with coconut aminos. I ordered some especially since it's not available here, expecting it to be like soy sauce. Well, it is not. It has a slight flavour, but I am the sort of person who likes to turn my fried rice almost black... I am wondering if it is worth ordering the Red Boat fish sauce now, whether it might add more flavour or be weak in flavour like the coconut aminos. I would prefer not to have Asian flavours this month than to be disappointed. 


I struggled with my fish. I am not a fan of fish or seafood, but try to eat it sometimes. I tried fresh snapper tonight and didn't like the texture, so I only managed to eat about half of my serve (just under a palm's worth). In the city I moved here from a few years ago, shark/flake is the most common fish, which I quite like. I am going to try to find it here. 


Day 3:

Breakfast: 1/2 chicken breast (brined, roasted, reheated), an egg, lemon mayo and roasted tomatoes, plus a mandarin

Lunch: Beef, leef and cabbage soup

Dinner: Snapper with lemon, coconut aminos, ginger, garlic and spring onions; vegetables (onion, broccoli, broccoli stems, carrot, sugar snap peas, red capsicum) cooked in olive oil with coconut aminos and sesame oil; a small serve of 'compote' of apples, rhubarb and strawberries to finish

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The reason why I used to eat toast every morning for breakfast - I really dislike eating in the morning, it makes me feel quite sick sometimes. I'm sitting here trying to eat breakfast now. The veggies are okay, but the protein is difficult to chew and swallow. I'll do my best to get through it all. I think it's time to come up with a new breakfast idea, too. I was thinking something similar to shakshuka. I know we're supposed to start thinking about breakfast as Meal 1, but I prefer breakfast food (my breakfast currently is based off chicken/egg hollandaise/florentine) and also it's much easier to have a consistent setup, same as I have the same soup for lunch every day.


Day 4:

Breakfast: 1/2 chicken breast (brined, roasted, reheated), an egg, lemon mayo, grilled cherry tomatoes, reheated roasted sweet potatoes and carrot




Lunch: Beef, leef and cabbage soup. I was hungry early since I didn't eat enough breakfast but managed to wait until my normal lunch time. 




DInner: Steak, reheated roasted carrots and sweet potato, sautéed onions. Was too hungry to remember to take a photo as we got home late. Super quick dinner though with the pre-roasted veggies, took about 15 minutes total.




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A couple of things:  the fish sauce has a stronger taste than the coconut amines, but not really "fishy".  I also love soy sauce (alas I am allergic to it though) and oriental food.  I am finding that a combination of the amines with fish sauce helps - also, I sometimes double up my amines in recipes.


Secondly, eating breakfast:  I also have a hard time eating breakfast as soon as I wake up.  W30 recommends having the first meal of the day within an hour of waking so I usually wait that whole hour.  The other thing that i do is have softer, easier meals for breakfast.  A favorite is scrambled eggs with mashed sweet potato or sweet potato hash.  An omelet with sautéed veg works well too.  My favorite is to have my soup for breakfast - especially pureed soups.  Something about sitting and sipping a hot cup of soup calms my tummy in the morning and leaves me not feeling too full.  Could you switch up your breakfast and lunch meals?  Have the harder to chew protein at lunch instead of breakfast?

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Kmlynne - you must have read my mind! I am literally sitting here sipping soup for breakfast right now. It is definitely easier. I am a texture person, so I have issues with the texture of scrambled eggs, mashed vegetables etc, especially in the morning. I am also thinking of putting together a frittata/quiche style dish and having a slice for breakfast. Unfortunately I'm already up at 6am and out by 7am, so I don't really have much more time in the mornings to wait. The advantage of soup could be (if I find the right container) that I could take it in the car and sip it on the way to work if I have to. 


My stomach is now making funny little grumbling feelings, however. 


Thank you for the advice on the fish sauce. I think I will order it. 


Day 5:

Breakfast: Chicken stock (homemade), lemon and 2-egg soup (http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/soups/avgolemono-soup-greek-egg-lemon-soup/). No vegetable or fruit content but I am happy to have found something I could stomach today. I over-salted it slightly though. 




Lunch: Beef, leek and cabbage soup. I didn't get time for either a full lunch or a lunch break, so I ate about half of my serve while rushing before a meeting. Not ideal but better than cheating with something quick and easy to grab.


Pre-Dinner Taste Test: ~3 macadamia nuts. I don't like nuts but people have told me I might like macadamias as they are creamier and have a less strong flavour. Well, they were right! I still don't think I'll eat nuts all the time, but I ate half a dozen halves and still quite liked them. 

Dinner: Steak cooked with ghee, roasted sweet potato, carrot and onion, mixed greens salad with a vinagrette of balsamic vinger, olive oil and dijon mustard, followed by a small serve of compote of rhubarb, apples and strawberries



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Firstly Congrats on making it to Day 5. 


I thought's I'd pop over and read your log after you were some helpful on mine. 


Let me know how you go with the Fish Sauce and Coconut Aminos. I'm waiting on my Coconut Aminos to come. I've ordered it from the US (I'm in Australia) about 3 weeks ago but it hasn't arrived yet :( 


The Beef, leek and cabbage soup looks yummy. I might need to give that a try. 


Good Luck with the Whole30 you seem to be doing really well.

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Thank you!


I am in Australia too, that's why I had to order it as well. I got it about a week after I ordered it from iHerb, they had 2-4 day shipping, which they didn't meet, but 5-6 days was pretty good! I'd have to order the fish sauce in as well - I think it's actually more expensive to get it shipped from Melbourne than from the US :(


It is yummy. It's beef cubes and some beef bones, cooked for about 5 hours on low, then adding leek, cabbage, tomato paste, mixed herbs, pepper and salt to taste. The beef cubes are a bit dry if they stay whole, but when they break up they get nice and soft, so make sure to stir to break them up.


Thank you again. Good luck with yours!

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Today was a long day. I enjoyed soup again for breakfast, although I ran over my getting ready time. I ate lunch about seven hours after breakfast, and felt fine, but I was hungry again about four hours later. I think I need a bit more fat at lunchtime. I'm looking forward to a different meal for lunches next week. I also didn't have anything planned for dinner, so I didn't do anything fancy. Looking forward to the weekend! I do have a headache now though - we watched a movie, which is an almost-every-time trigger for a headache for me. I think it's a combination of the movement, bright light and loud volume. Tired now, bedtime. 


Day 6:

Breakfast: Chicken stock, lemon and egg soup. 

Lunch: Beef, leef and cabbage soup.

Dinner: ~300 grams of steak (1 and a bit steaks) cooked with ghee, with cherry tomatoes and a small amount (~10-12) of macadamias. Going to have a small serve of rhubarb, apple and strawberry compote now. Not enough veggies with this dinner but I am going to try to plan out a few extra veggie sides over the weekend. 

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Thank you for your suggestion! Alas, I hate avocado :( I have managed to find some compliant olives, so I might take a handful of those, or some macadamias. I haven't found coconut butter yet, but I will keep looking! I am going to try to incorporate the fat into my soup/lunch meal if I can, just to reduce the amount of things I have to think about in the morning when I'm getting ready. 

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A little late posting this, it's the morning of my 8th day right now, but it got very late last night before I realised it and I didn't want to stay up any later than I already had accidentally. My left wrist and hand have a nerve injury which is hurting quite a lot this morning.


Day 7:

Breakfast: Half a chicken breast, an egg and the last of my lemon mayo, plus grilled tomatoes

Lunch: Beef, leek and cabbage soup

Dinner: Steak (scotch fillet!) with a salad of cherry tomatoes, red capsicum and sugar snap peas, with olive oil, balsamic and dijon dressing. Had the last of my macadamias (~6-8) before and a handful of cherries afterwards. I couldn't resist the cherries, they looked too beautiful at the shop and I love them.

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Since I was up late this morning due to the late night, I'm having a combined lunch and breakfast, because I won't be home during the afternoon to have a lunch meal anytime. I'm aiming to pick up some more macadamias on my way out so I have an emergency source of fat while I'm out, then a big dinner when I get home. 


Day 8:

Breakfast/Lunch: A chicken breast (medium - about 1.5 times the size of my palm) and cherry tomato salad with olive oil, balsamic and dijon dressing, and a bowl of pumpkin soup (homemade, butternut squash/pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, homemade chicken stock including the fat, turmeric, cumin, black pepper and allspice, all pureed - it came out very creamy, yum!) with a spoon of ghee stirred in. This is all taking way too long to eat though! Note: I ended up taking the soup in a thermos and eating/drinking it when I got to my friends house around midday.


(I did take a photo, but I'll upload next time I connect my phone to my computer.)


Snack: My first snacking :( I had a handful of macadamia nuts, a few strawberries and apple slices and three olives (in olive oil, garlic and oregano). I was at two friends' places with parties on, so I nibbled what I could and took the macadamias with me. I probably didn't need to eat, but I definitely felt the social expectation. I was okay with my choice though, although I wish I had got around to making some beef jerky to take as protein.


Dinner: Roast lamb, with the pan juices turned into gravy (two onions, chopped, coconut aminos, garlic and herb spice mix, a little olive oil on the lamb, plus water to ensure the pan juices didn't burn, then pureed and cooked down until it was thick enough to function as gravy - really yum! Don't add any salt if you make this, as the coconut aminos was quite salty when concentrated down, just right for me), plus roasted carrots, onions and sweet potatoes and some broccoli. Nibbled a couple of cherries while cooking and will probably have some now.


Prepped for the week:

Pumpkin soup (as above)

"Beef stroganoff" - beef, red & yellow capsicums and mushrooms cooked in a smoked paprika, dijon mustard, tomato paste, chicken stock and coconut cream sauce until reduced and thickened

Leftover lamb leg roast

Lemon/dijon mayonnaise

Rhubarb, apple and strawberry compote

One roasted brined chicken breast

Leftover half a serve of beef, leek and cabbage soup


Still to prep (Tuesday night?):

Scotch eggs

Pork belly (slow cooked then crispy fried?)

Another batch of chicken stock?

Another batch of brined chicken?

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I woke up this morning to go to the gym and then to work, and not only was I absolutely exhausted, but my hand was in quite a lot of pain as well. I've started taking some new medication for the pain (which is from a damaged nerve) which doesn't seem to be helping yet, and it's also drowsy. I don't know if that influenced how I felt this morning, but I ended up going back to sleep and I'll get into work late and stay late. Also, typing hurts :( Back to Dragon today I think.


I've also felt a bit hazy/woozy the last couple of days, quite forgetful and not quite saying what I meant to say. 


Day 9:

Breakfast: Half a chicken breast and cherry tomato salad, in a balsamic-olive oil-dijon vinaigrette; small serve of pumpkin soup Completely forgot this, left it on the table :(


Lunch: Large serve of pumpkin soup and leftover roast lamb slices, plus ~6 macadamias


Dinner: Steak cooked in ghee, lemon mayo (which went gelled in the fridge?) and a handful of cherries. Quick dinner before heading out again.

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Ugh, mornings. Still got hand pain, though somewhat less. Couldn't balance this morning, stumbled all over the place.


Day 10:

Breakfast: 1/2 chicken breast with lemon mayo, pumpkin soup


Lunch: Serve of pumpkin soup and a serve of my "strog" (both as above). This was too much for me for lunch, I couldn't finish it. Some macadamias (~12-16) beforehand as it was a tad too early for lunch in the lunchroom.


Dinner: Steak with lemon mayo. I was busy cooking chicken stock, brining chicken and prepping for pumpkin soup so I kind of forgot about vegetables. I nibbled a couple macadamias while my steak was cooking. Oh no, wait, I did have a serve of pumpkin soup I think. How quickly the mind forgets!

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Today was not a good day. I was compliant, but I didn't eat anywhere near enough and now I have a headache. I might grab some macadamias to have a last little something rather than going to bed hungry/headachey. Not much vegetable matter at all today. I like vegetables but I am struggling with getting them in. It's cold here so salad is not really something I want too much. Having said that, tuna salad or chicken salad lettuce wraps sound yummy. I used to make a warm potato salad - maybe I could convert it to a warm chicken salad with some lightly cooked vegetables...


However - over one third of the way! Yay!


Day 11:

Breakfast: Avgolemono soup (as above in Day 5) with three eggs, but probably only managed to finish 2 to 2.5 eggs worth before I was full. 


Lunch: Nothing! I was busy and forgot :( I got hungry a couple times but got distracted each time.


Dinner: Steak with lemon mayo before I headed out again. Will now have some macadamias and maybe finish the last few cherries.


Plans (Thursday night):

Scotch eggs?

Pumpkin soup

Tuna/chicken salad for Friday?

Bake brined chicken

Something to take to work for Friday afternoon (regular thing, all bring something, needs to be fine either in the fridge or on the counter all day)


Lamb roast -> move to Friday night?

Pork belly -> slow cook Friday then crisp-fry Friday night?

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I've got a bit of a sore throat, so I'm hoping I'm not getting anything more than a little bug. I've avoided the colds and flus this winter so far. My hand pain is much better, it's eased off and I've had some treatment for it. 


Day 12:

Breakfast: Avgolemono soup (as above in Day 5) with 2 eggs, didn't quite have time to finish all of it.


Snack: Small handful macadamias, I was hungry mid-morning as my breakfast was earlier than usual.


Lunch: Beef, leek and cabbage soup.


Dinner: Scotch eggs (http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/05/17/scotch-eggs-a-k-a-protein-pellets/) though not with the pork rinds. Salad of tomato and yellow and red capsicum with olive oil-balsamic vinegar-dijon vinaigrette. Compote of rhubarb, apple and strawberries.

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I adore smitten kitchen :) Strangely, for me anyway, the hardest things to get compliant were the mustards! I love mustards and had multiple varieties in my fridge - had to throw out all but 1 on clean out day and then spent a good 15-20 minutes in that aisle of the grocery store reading labels so I could replace them. It can be done and substitutes probably would work nicely. I added more lemon and pepperoncini juice than called for to pep up the brightness and it was good.

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I was home sick today :( I've only got a minor cold I think, but I woke up with a terribly sore throat, plus a headache and a stuffy head. After sending my boss an email to let him know, I went back to sleep for almost another 5 hours! Headache is mostly gone now, but I still feel quite woozy/dizzy. I should probably have some more to eat now, thinking on it, since I only had my first meal after midday, and then not all that much as I couldn't finish too much.


I was quite proud yesterday - I made focaccia to take into work for afternoon tea (which I ended up just dropping there and not staying), but I came very close to mindlessly trying some once it was cooked and stopped as I picked it up. 


Day 13:

Meal 1: ~3/4 of a chicken breast (brined, roasted) with lemon mayo, plus a few cherries and macadamias


Meal 2: Pumpkin soup made with homemade chicken stock with ghee stirred in, and leftover roast lamb


Snacks: Nibbled a few macadamias over the evening



Weekend Plans:

More chicken stock (with wings this time, necks didn't provide as much fat and gelatine)

(Either) Roasted tomato and capsicum soup

(Or) My tomato, carrot and greens soup

Another roast lamb

More scotch eggs?

Frittata (sun dried tomatoes if I can find compliant ones, red onion, capsicum, sweet potato, silverbeet, ?)

Chicken salad or tuna salad?

Pork belly - boil and then crisp fry

"Gozleme" inspiration - mince lamb, spices, spinach/silverbeet, fine chopped macadamias, chopped green olives

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