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Family BBQ


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I'm so proud of my hubby and thankful for our supportive family... even if they cause drama!  We had a bbq for father's day at my in laws, we went over what they were going to have and asked for no bbq sauce on our portions.  They did great!  Until.... They put the bbq pieces right on top of the plain pieces.  Hubby straight up passed on the chicken, and we stuck with our ribs that were cooked separately in the oven and didn't even touch the grill.  They insisted that individual pieces had no bbq sauce, but it would've been hard to tell if some rubbed off. His aunt stood up for us and made everyone drop it, but hubby taking a stand like that was impressive, he hasn't taken ownership of diets that I've lead our family into like he has this time.  Just wanted to brag to people who would understand.  Later we looked at the bbq sauce label HFCS and food dyes, I'm glad we didn't take the chance!

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