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Completed Whole 30: Stats


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Hello Everyone-


Today is glorious day 30! Both me and my husband did it together


My gains are:


I sleeeppp so much better, and waking up is not hard.

I don't drink coffee anymore to stay awake.

My moods are so much more even.

I have more energy to do things: yesterday I went on a walk on the beach with a very fit friend. Not only did i keep up with her but I wasn't out of breath! That was amazing.


My losses are:

253=>241: 12lbs

inch and a half of my thighs and an inch off my hips, none off my belly and none off my natural waist? Go figure.


My husband lost 16 lbs!

From 191 to 176.


Our current reintro plan, is to eat some of the things that are technically compliant but not recommended, like some sweet potato chips, some orange juice. I would like to continue to eat this way for the most part. No plans on reintroing wheat ever, maybe some day we will reintro dairy and rice, but for now we are going to stay this way. :)

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