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Thankful for the Whole30 and the Whole30 Daily

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Today is Day 16 of my first Whole30 and I am loving it-both the way I feel and the emails I get each day. For most of my life, I have been someone who has struggled with being overweight-getting on the scale multiple times...even throughout the night.  The scale is my enemy, so now I am finally done with that beast (I think).  Not focusing on the weight has finally sunk in (I think) and this is the reason I decided to join this adventure. During the last 16 days, I have struggled like most people with the terrible withdrawals from sugar, alcohol, etc., but I feel so happy. My clothes are DEFINITELY looser, some of my aches and pains have lessened, and I really just feel so calm. The menus from Nom, Nom Paleo's 30 day meal plans have been helpful as have the posts from this forum, but one thing that has really helped me to get to Day 16, is the Whole30 Daily-it was the best $14.95 I ever spent. Thank you so much for helping me get more control over my weight and my life. (And if you are new like I am, try the Whole30 Daily-it's really worth it!)

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