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Day 6 - critique, crossfit, break, etc.

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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post here, and I guess my questions aren't very pressing but I'd like everyone to critique my plan (fingers crossed that I've got this down!) and get some conversation going on how to keep up the motivation.


Whole30 isn't easy when you work full-time and are a full-time student! That's the realization I came to before I even started, so I knew pre-planning is the key to a successful journey here. Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed was a wonderful read and I have to give her kudos for how smoothly my first week is going.


Day 1 was Friday the 13th, the night before I made my breakfast and lunch for work. Immediately after work, I went shopping and loaded the cart with a bunch of fresh and frozen veg, a little fruit, plenty of seasonings, and eggs and meats. 

I even stopped by TJ Maxx to get some of the "must have" kitchen utensils and BPA-free Tupperware recommended in Well Fed.


Had a compliant dinner and got up Saturday and did some MAJOR meal prep, which took us from Saturday evening through tonight's dinner. After school tonight (around 10pm) I plan to cook up a few more things to take us through Friday/Saturday. 


Here's the thing though.

I'm currently aiming for "Whole21." I've been fairly lucky in that I haven't really experienced carb flu-like symptoms thus far, aside from a mild residual headache that I'm guessing is a result of missing my beloved Coke Zero. Could this lack thereof Carb Flu result from the fact that I never ate foods "regularly" pre-Whole30? I would go weeks eating healthy - avoiding junk like pasta and baked goods and any added sugar. And then I'd go weeks where I'd say "You know what sounds good right now? Banana bread," and into the kitchen I'd go to whip up a batch, the next day something else. I've read before that past food habits can alter certain future experiences, so I'm wondering if that's it - or if this will just come late for me. Yesterday I just wanted a nap, today I snapped at my boyfriend, I know this isn't cut & paste but I'm truly hoping my lack of carb flu won't turn carb mononucleosis! 


Why am I grasping for Whole21?

Not only do I know it's time I only eat when hungry, control portions, and eat well consistently, but man, am I sick of back pain, "chestne" & "backne," and a gamut of other factors that go beyond my 10 pounds into the "obesity" category. So sick, in fact, that I decided to start this journey earlier than the situation which I will describe below - and, I don't exactly plan to fall completely off the wagon during this short Whole30 break, either.


The thing, however, is that starting on 4th of July I will be canoeing for three days down a river with nothing but (hopefully) a grill, a few bathing suits, a cooler filled with food and alcohol, and my boyfriend. We spend one weekend a year this way, and while I plan on packing all Whole 30 compliant snacks and meals for the trip - I will be downing a tequila with soda water and a splash of fresh lime juice, or four, during this time. I know alcohol is a pretty strict no-no, so I plan to hit "reset" that Monday and start on a fresh slate. This seemed like it would be turmoil pre-Friday the 13th, but honestly, I feel like I'm on a roll. And who knows, maybe when I get there, tequila will have the poison effect and I won't drink it! (This is probably a lie - to deal with rowing for 10 hours straight, living in mosquito land, and not having a proper restroom to use, the poison will probably be bearable)


Anyway, my goal here has been to get this show on the road. I'm starting a new job next week, so I figured getting my diet going a week early would help keep the motivation fresh. It might get a little stressful, so I'm worried about how that'll pan out. The great thing is that my I have camping to look forward to, and after that I have only two weeks left of classes before my 6 week break. 


Tomorrow, I'm giving Crossfit a try. I love spin and running (though, admittedly, haven't done either in awhile!) but never really do much for toning, so I know this will probably be pretty difficult - any suggestions about fueling before/after my workout are welcome!


And finally (sorry for the novel), any tips on preventing emotional eating if my new job gets a touch stressful? I feel very in-control right now (aside from my Kill All The Things experience against my sweet boyfriend this morning), but know, from past experience, where my weaknesses may lie.


Any advice or input is greatly appreciated.


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It sounds like you've really thought this through, you've got a plan -- which will be very, very helpful in succeeding. I do hope that you jump back into Whole30 (or Whole14 or Whole7) after your trip, so you'll have the best chance of getting the full benefit of the program.


One specific suggestion: go to the "Your Whole30 Log" section and set up your own log where you keep track of your meals and, if you want, other details (like sleep, water intake, physical activities). This will allow people to see how you're doing and make suggestions and give encouragement. It is a very useful accountability tool.


Good luck!

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Everyone gets hit differently with detox symptoms - you might be lucky and sail through.


I think it's great that you decided to start last week, even when you knew you wouldn't do the full 30 days. There's always some reason or excuse not to start, so just getting on with it is always the best way, in my opinion. And then you restart after your weekend. No biggie.


Re: stress eating - cling to the rules! Everytime you feel "Man, I just need a beer/chocolate/cake to deal with this stressful new job" remind yourself that food won't make you feel better and none of those things are compliant, and take yourself for a quick 10 min walk instead (without your wallet!) and then come home and make a generous, compliant dinner.

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Thank you both! I really appreciate the advice.

GlennR, you make a great point about logging - sleep is the one thing I worry over. I'm pretty sleep-deprived because of my work and school schedule. I'm often lucky if I get 5-6 hours, and there's really nothing I can do about it until the next few weeks of classes are over. 


GoJo9, great advice about the walk! I will definitely give that a try.

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