Micki's 30day Milestone


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Day 1 and my biggest struggle will be with switching from 5 small meals a day to the required 3. Also, I will be eating fruit with 2 of my meals UNTIL I get adjusted to the 3 meals a day. Any suggestions on a swift change from 5 to 3 days?


Right now I'm hungry as all get out. Breakfast was; 2 eggs, 2 slices turkey bacon, 1 turkey sausage patty, fresh red peppers, onion and jalepenos on the side. And a 1/2 cup strawberries/blueberries mixed. Also, I do cardio for 45 minutes 3 days a week and I have a personal trainier for the other 2 days. I'm headed to do my 45 minutes and I have my post wo meal ready as well as my lunch. Don't have my book with me today. Can anyone tell me when to eat my lunch after Post WO eat? I guess when I become hungry.Thanks for any tips.

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Be sure to have the minimum amount of healthy fats. That will help with the satiation and keep you from getting hungry too quickly. The one meal you described seems a little short in that department (turkey is very lean). Eat lunch as normally. The post-WO meal will get digested quickly, so it should barely affect your normal hunger rhythm.


You can take your time on the transition from 5 to 3 meals, just be sure each meal is compliant/balanced. You'll be under enough stress without forcing the issue.


I would suggest that you print out the meal template. It's handy to take wherever you go, even when you can't take the book.


Good luck! Keep posting here so people can chime in with tweaks and encouragement.

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I have a kind of crazy schedule, so there are days that I eat four meals.  Don't sweat it.  


Eat your meals when you are hungry.  The trick in the beginning is to understand your body cues.  If you think you are hungry, ask yourself if you really are (could you eat fish and broccoli) or are you just used to having something to eat at this time.  Are you bored, tired, angry, etc?  Are you eating from emotion, or for fuel.


If it is middle of the afternoon, for example, and you are hungry (as in your would eat fish and broccoli), have a mini meal (1/2 servings of protein, fat and veg) to tide you over.  Then next day, increase your fat intake on your lunch.  


Good luck on your journey!

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DAY #2


Last night was rough. Had a headache to entire evening.  Last night's dinner was chicken breast (6ounces), mixed veggies with EVOO (haven't gotten Ghee yet), cup of green tea. I was starving when I went to bed, but I didn't wake up hungry.


Meal 1;  2 eggs, cooked in EVOO, 2 turky bacon, 1 turkey patty, bunch of grapes.  I only have broccoli on hand so no veggie with breakfast.

Meal 2. 2 pieces of whiting fish cooked in EVOO; broccoli, peppers, onions and jalepenos.


Post WO meal;  1/2 chicken breast, whole sweet potato. (Will have 30/40 minute training session with PT @ 4;30)

Meal 3. Fish, broccoli, onions, red peppers and jalepenos about 7:30 pm

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I find that eating fruit with meals makes me more hungry, maybe you want to add in some starchy veg (sweet potato, carrots, beet, plantains, etc) instead of fruit, and really aim to get your minimum fat. The fat that you cook with usually stays in the pan, so add extra after cooking or try other fats like olives, coconut, avocado. 

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Day #3 and I woke up ready to exercise. I did a 4 mile bike ride, but was unable to eat Meal #1 until an hour later. Oh, well.


Meal 1; 2 eggs cooked in Ghee, 1/2 ground chicken muffin cup, half tomato, 1/4 red peppers, 1 slice of turkey bacon and a cup of black coffee.


Post WO; Tuna packet and 1/2 sweet potato


meal 2; 2 pieces of whiting filet, 1 cup broccoli,  half tomato and half avocado (whiting was cooked in EVOO)


meal 3: 2 ground chicken muffin cups, carrots, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes

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Day #4 & 5 were still on plan. The weekend is usually when I just go crazy to wake up Monday to start all over again.  But not this time.  I stayed on plan.  I was very cranky today and I know it's withdrawal. Trying to get in my veggies and meats in just 3 meals.  Still up to four, but that's better than the six meals.  So, good weekend for me.

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Day #6 was a good day, but meals weren't eaten at the time I would want it. 

Meal #1 9:30, 2:30 & 7:00


Meal #1 2 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, scramble of red peppers, spinach, onion and mushrooms with jalapenos

6 mile bike ride - banana


Meal #2 Beef Swarma and Baba ganoush, onions, pickles and olives


35 minute personal training session - pack of salmon


Meal #3 Spaghetti squash, ground chicken, broccoli, onions & yellow peppers with tomato sauce (made with dice tomatoes, oregano, basil and garlic w/chicken broth)

Bunch of red grapes.

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Day #7 and I've been weak all day!


Meal 1 - roasted zucchini, mushroom, sweet potato, onion and garlic and two eggs.




Meal 2 = left over ground chicken with spaghetti squash


starving = 4 slices bacon and handful of grape tomatoes


Meal 3 = bacon and zucchini mixture.


Mowed the yard for 30 minutes before meal 3

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No need to feel weak. Eat more.  :) 


Try at least 3 eggs at breakfast.  Make sure you're getting 1-3 cups of vegetables at every single meal.

If you are genuinely hungry in between meals, have a mini meal that includes at least a protein and fat. 

Make sure your bacon is compliant: no sugar, sweetener or other nasties.  Instead of having bacon twice in one day, swap in another protein - bacon is not the best protein source.


Also, be sure you're sufficiently hydrated. Drink at least 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of your current body weight, daily.


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Day #9 and Who has energy? Me, I woke up early and did some floor exercises and laundry.  Was able to make my noon workout today as well. Thanks for the tips. My bacon comes from the local butcher and I asked about the nasties.  Once this batch is gone I will add something else, like lamb.


Meal #1 - Three (3) eggs, yes! Zucchini & sweet potato hash.


NO FRUIT  for snack today.


Post WO - 1/2 chicken breast cooked in Ghee 1/2 cup cauliflower fried rice.


Meal #2 - Other half of chicken breast and cauliflower fried rice.


Personal Trainin Session - Salmon pouch right after


Meal #3 - Hot Plate from Well Fed (Ground Beef and veggies)


Green Tea

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Day #10 - Still got energy!!!!! Behind on my water because my water cooler at work froze overnight, but I will make up for it. I had two cups of watermelon last night but it was with dinner.  I don't feel as bloated as yeseterday.  Going to buy enzymes and magnesium this weekend.


Meal #1 = Ground beef & broccoli, carrots and cauliflower cooked in ghee with cocunut milk and curry seasoning. black coffee


Post WO = Salmon pack


Meal #2 - Chicken Breast and zucchini & sweet potato hash made with ghee.


Meal #3 - Beef Swarma (sp) with cauliflower & cabbage fried rice.


Only one workout today at noon!

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Day #13 - I'm so done with eggs.  I'm not a big recipe follower even though I have BOTH Well Fed books.  I have tried lunch/dinner for breakfast and today I am just bored all around with food.


Meal 1 - 3 eggs with Ghee - I was out of veggies and was too busy yesterday to go to store.


Meal 2 - ground hamburger with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, bells with curry powder and coconut milk.


Meal 3 - hamburger and sweet potato fries.

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