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30 pounds away from happiness =(


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Hello there,


Love to read all the posts. I wanted to post at the end of my first Whole 30, but I am in real need of some feedback!


I am on day 20 of the Whole 30. 


I have a 5 year old, and have not been able to loose the weight after her birth. My body changed completely hormonally and metabolically, event thought I breastfed for 1 year. I am 30 pounds overweight. 


Before the Whole 30, we ate healthy food, 90% prepared at home. However, when I went through periods of exercising, controlling portions, etc, I would not see results and indulge on Ice cream with my daughter or eat her leftovers, or overeating at night; healthy stuff, but still overeating out of believing I would never loose the weight. We do not have junk food in our house, I do not drink soda, or packets of snacks. We used to eat dark chocolate with tea and dairy with breakfast. 


A good friend recommended the Whole 30; I currently try to run twice a week and I train with a trainer twice a week. I walk a lot because we live in a big city without a car; we also go for long bike rides 10-20 miles, at least 3 times a month. 


The Whole 30 gave me hope, because it is very close to the way we eat, we just eliminated specifics, such as grains (we used to eat red lentils, home made hummus, tofu), certain oils, etc. I thought, great! this is what I've been doing wrong.


I do have leaky gut syndrome, which is like an invisible little monster in your body =).


I have enjoyed the Whole 30, cooked delicious meals. I am sleeping better, I am taking things easier, less stressed out, for sure.


The first week I noticed a big change in my "upper belly" near my rib cage, like it shrank and I was able to keep my belly in easier, I felt lighter.


Now in the third week I am stuck. I feel no new changes, I wonder if I am eating too many greens? I do eat a few nuts every day (really a few), and I have been drinking one cup of black coffee a day, just to indulge. I also drink lots of green tea and some black tea, all of them loose tea brewed at home. 


Today, for the first time, I felt like going into the kitchen and snacking (overeating healthy stuff) because, I feel upset.


This is why…. I feel that I am never going to loose this weight, that is no fair that I cook for my family and I don't loose weight, even though I try to exercise at least once a week, mostly 3x a week. On top of everything, my sweet husband comes home from a 2 long week business trip. He is following the diet as best as possible when traveling, and he comes home super skinny! I adore him, but I feel anxious to see his great results, compared to my very slow results. He loves to run, which helps!


I weighted myself at the gym last week because my trainer was checking my body fat percentage which is 38 at the moment. It took months to get it down two numbers. I did not loose weight, but I told myself, well, maybe I am gaining muscle. 


I am writing because I could not work, thinking of going to the kitchen =). I am a nervous eater, but since I started the Whole 30, I have only eaten my 3 meals a day, I felt full, and happy, but right now I feel anxiety and a bit of disappointment, not about the program but about my body. 


I have a lovely family and life, but I do need to be comfortable with my body, I feel I am 30 pounds away from happiness, and I feel with tears in my eyes right now, that I am never going to accomplish it, no matter what I try. 


I am going to do the Whole 30 for another month after I finish the first one, and maybe no nuts or coffee? I would have no problem eating Paleo forever either. What do you recommend? Any experts willing to help?

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I feel for you, because I've been in your shoes. Here's my best advice:


1. Realistically rein in your expectations. You will not lose 30 pounds in 30 days. You might lose 2 pounds. You might lose none. You might lose a few more. But you've got to get your eye off that number and start focusing on the other positive changes. You no longer stress eat and binge? How miraculous is that? Dwell on that for a moment and feel happy and hopeful.


2. You might feel more comfortable in your body if you lost 30 pounds, but it will not guarantee your happiness. You are setting yourself up to fail if you continue to chase this pipe dream.


3. This will likely take a much longer time and greater commitment and patience than you think right now. Think of it as a marathon not a sprint. Your body very likely needs to heal its leaky gut before it can even think of releasing excess fat. If you keep eating to template and following the other Whole 9 principles, it will come. But your body, not your ego, is in charge of how long it will take and what it will look like.


4. Do not compare yourself to others. You will be happier. Remember that you are a unique snowflake.


Give up the dream and you will find riches beyond the boundaries of your imagination, I promise.


Good luck and stay with it. You are worth it!

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First off, a gentle reminder that it's a 30 day program. http://whole30.com/2014/01/whole30-tough-love/

Secondly, celebrate the positive aspects you're realizing so far.


Third, please please please do not step on the scale again until your Whole30 is complete.  What if your body composition changed at the end of your Whole30 but your weight stayed the same? Check out this article for such a story. http://everydaypaleo.com/attention-scale-addicts-part-2/  I hope this example helps you to see that it's not necessary to tie your happiness to a number on a machine.


It would help to see 2-3 days worth of your food log, including daily water intake, exercise, and hours of nightly sleep you're getting. Folks here can give you feedback on possible tweaks. 

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Thank you so much @LadyM and @Chrisfor your response and feedback HIGHLY-HIGHLY appreciated.


This is an example of my daily intake:


Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked with olive oil, half baked portobello mushroom with cherry tomatoes cooked with olive oil and 2tsp balsamic vinegar, kale cooked in the skillet with coconut aminos, coconut oil and garlic. 1/4 of an apple


Lunch: Cauliflower, carrots, leeks, shitakee mushrooms and red pepper cooked with curry paste and 1/4 cup coconut milk. Hand size baked chicken with salt and olive oil. 


Dinner will be: 1 sausage, leftover veggies from lunch.




Breakfast: 2 eggs, half sausage, handful of blueberries and coleslaw 


Lunch: carrot, onion and sweet potato soup, grind meat with coconut oil, garlic and some greens


Dinner: Same carrot soup, coleslaw and 1 sausage


I worked out at the gym 1 hour yesterday and 1 hour today. I usually work out 2 to 3x a week.


I drink a jar of green tea a day, and about 3-4 glasses of water.


1 cup of coffee a day.


Am I eating too much?


I sleep 5 to 6 hours every day. Busy working mom. But lately I have been sleeping very deeply and wake up by myself not with the alarm clock!

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Ok, here are some tweaks I'd suggest:


1. Get more sleep. Aim for at least 7-8 hours nightly.  Believe it or not, not getting enough sleep can stall weight loss.

2. Are you having pre/post workout fuel per the recommended meal template

3. I agree with Peg: more food.  When eggs are your protein source, the serving size is the number of eggs you can hold in one hand. For most folks, that's at least 3-4.  Other proteins, the recommendation is 1-2 palm sized portions.  1 sausage is less than a palm's worth. Veggies: 1-3 cups per meal. 

4. More hydration. Aim for at least 1/2 an ounce of water/fluid per pound of your current body weight, daily.

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I will apply all your advice. I do think I need more protein. I follow the meal template, but I guess I am still afraid of eating in a way.


Thank you so much!!! for all the feedback. The rough day is over and tomorrow is a new beginning. I will stop being so judgmental of myself and just let things happen when the body is ready. I will keep up the Whole 30!

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I'd say definitely more water. And, definitely do try to be kind to yourself -- Whole30 is great and life changing, but it's not a silver bullet that fixes everything in one go. Changing your body is a process. And, for a lot of people, it's one that is never going to be satisfying. I think a lot of Whole30 is really doing the best you can by yourself and your body and seeing what that results in.

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