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Resembling pregnancy


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I am on day 16 and this is the third time I have some this. This is the first time I have experienced increased hunger, significant changes in emotion and mood, dizziness, and emotional cravings on most of the days. Someone asked me if I was pregnant and I highly doubt it but there's always that chance. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms so far along in their whole30???

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I am about mid way. I usually don't start getting PMS symptoms until the week before(which would start tomorrow) but feel like since my period ended right before the whole30 I have been feeling gross, bloated, emotional, etc. it's been frustrating but I'm trying to tell myself that it will pass

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Hi Monica, were you consuming a lot of bad food before starting this whole30? I read that the more you indulged before the plan the more time it may take for your body to reset itself and get back to processing food correctly. 


Also, I found that I suffered more PMS while on this whole30. I think that is because normally I would indulge in my cravings and that would temporarily lift my mood. However, although my mood seemed more sensitive, the period itself was more tolerable. 


What are you doing to de-stress? Do you spend quality time with yourself? Some things to consider. It is always good to take time to analyze why you are feeling this way, instead of simply giving into the negative feelings and letting them determine your mood. 


Hang in there!! My suggestions is to get more carbs in around your period, that will help too.

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I have been eating paleo for a little over two years but did notice that I was eating a little more careless prior to starting this whole30. I guess the alarming part for me is feeling like I'm PMSing for an entire month. There are some external stress and changes that I am working wth right now which I'm sure had something to do with it. Also just started going to a weekly a mindfulness meditation group which will be helpful. I may extend this whole30 to another 16 days to see how my hormones stabilize

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