Potato skins?


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Hi, I would like some clarification on this. In the book 'It Starts With Food', on pg 112 - 'A word on Phytates', it reads "While other plant foods (like some vegetables) also contain phytates, the combination of relatively low concentrations plus a relatively high level of nutrients generally reduces the overall impact of the anti-nutrients. ..... In addition, many vegetable preparation techniques (like peeling starchy root vegetables) remove much of the phytate. ...." In the Well Fed cookbooks, the recipes call for peeled sweet potato's.

What is the best course of action here? I've always heard that veggie/root veggie skins are good, however, It Starts With Food seems to say it's not so bad to leave the peels on, but peeling can remove the phytate.....


thank you 

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The whole30 does not require that you remove the skins on potatoes or sweet potatoes. You are permitted to eat them if you wish.


HOWEVER, the phytate issue is real, so unless you particularly enjoy the skin of these vegetables, I would recommend eating them without the peel.

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