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Started on June 19th, 2014, in Sannois, Paris suburb


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First my daughters then my son, now me... They all did quite a good job convincing me, but it was not until I recently spent two weeks at my daughter's house with no bread, sugar, or starches that I already started to notice the difference. So while it's day 2 for me, I have not had bread or any sweets since June 9, my travelling schedule etc did not allow me to dedicate myself to this program.

Shopping feels overwhelming....


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I am on day 11 now, and am wondering whether I am eating too much. I follow the template, have no problem with quantities at breakfast, but after that, I am not hungry, just eat because it's time to eat, and have a hard time finishing my meals 2 and 3. I keep on reading logs about people who are told they don't eat enough. I really feel it's wrong for me to finish my plate because it corresponds to the template. Any thoughts?

Here is a meal 3, consisting of one avocado, mixed with tuna and home made mayo, and I could not finish!


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