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3rd Attempt! Starting today.


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I guess technically I could say I started yesterday since the only noncompliant thing I had was a soda water sweetened with stevia which actually didn't stay in my system too long because of a short bout I've had with the stomach flu. 


The last whole 30 I tried was in May and I stuck with it for almost 14 days. And I lost 6 lbs and have kept it off! I have about 10 more lbs til my goal weight, and I'm hoping this next try at it will make a dent in that weight loss goal.


Previously, a year ago, I had tried a whole 30 and I actually gained weight. I was too focused on eating really elaborate, delicious paleo meals and obsessed over food. When I did the program again in May, I kept the food really simple and noticed that after awhile, I didn't look to food to excite me anymore.  Also, I know whole 30 says eat 3 big meals, but my body just doesn't work like that. I feel very uncomfortable if I eat too much. I would much rather eat to satisfaction and then have to grab a hardboiled egg between meals if I get hungry. That makes much more sense to me than eating past fullness just to avoid being hungry in between meals. That's just me though, that's what I did during the last whole 30 attempt, and it worked for me.


I am hoping to feel better mentally and have more energy and better sleep after completing this Whole 30.


If anyone wants a buddy, let me know!

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Nice work, Glen! Getting through the first week has always been the hardest. I am actually going to wait two or three more days to begin. I still have the stomach flu and the only thing that has appealed to me has been gingerale with stevia and brown rice cakes. I have also made a bone broth soup with celery and chicken, but even that seems like too much for me to handle. I know, I know...the brown rice cakes aren't ideal, but I don't feel like they're that harmful either...I just need something to sooth the symptoms so that I can work from home.


If anyone would like a buddy, I'd really like to give/receive encouragement.

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