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Water tastes different

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I'm on day 19, and pretty much happy with all of my results.


With 2 exceptions. 


Exception #1: Starting yesterday the tap water (filtered) is beginning to smell and taste funny to me.  Both at work and at home.  I love drinking water and typically drink several large cups of it a day and several more at home in the evenings.  I have started adding lime/lemon to it on occasion to change things up.  Could this be related to cleansing my system, and has anyone else experienced this.


Exception #2, is that I do tend to get light headed.  I have been on blood pressure meds for 10-15+ years and am having instanced of light headed experiences and points where my body has to use every ounce of energy to take 2 flights of stairs. 


Meals include:


Breakfast:  always a protein (meat).  3 small meatballs today, a serving of sweet potatoes, boiled egg.  I just snacked on a nut mix (compliant) with almonds, dried apples, raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.


lunch: typically leftovers, protein (pork/chicken/beef) & veggies.


Dinner:  Always a protein, veggies and lately I have been making salads with all the veggies from the kitchen, (cucumbers, peppers, celery, tomatoes, and I add a few green olives stuffed w/garlic & an egg, all with homemade dressings).


I feel I am pretty much following the template and one thing I plan to check on is my BP readings.  I'm wondering if my healthy lifestyle has lowered my bp and maybe I can finally get off of the meds (one of my main goals from this healthier lifestyle).


Btw - I'm super stoked that I am down 12 lbs in 3 weeks. & my pores have cleared up (saw that on another post).  :)

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oops - I did weigh myself.  :(  please don't berate me. 


LOL. Well, since you know it's a no-no, presumably you won't do it again!  :)


With the removal of all added sugar, your taste buds will actually regain their ability to taste more and more subtle flavors again. All the sugar the average person eats tends to deaden this sensitivity. So you're probably tasting what water tasted all along.


I can't tell from your description how much you're eating, but I suspect it's not enough. The snacking is a giveaway. If you're snacking between meals, you're probably not eating enough during your meals. Be sure to eat at a minimum according to template (including fat); add more if what you're eating is not keeping you going for 4-5 hours. I see you're eating dense carbs (sweet potatoes); try eating more, that usually helps with the lack of energy.


If you do need to snack (as in you're willing to eat fish from a can and steamed broccoli), eat a mini-meal rather than a mix of nuts and dried fruit. These are indeed compliant, but you are encouraged to limit these for the duration of your Whole30.


Good luck the rest of the way!

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I needed to stop one BP medication about 2/3 through my first Whole30 and lowered the dosage of the other by half!  Go to a Walgreens or CVS to check your blood pressure or make an appointment to see your healthcare provider.


I have a blood pressure cuff at home, so I was able to make medication changes just by talking to my doctor over the phone, but yours may want to see you.


My symptoms were similar....light-headed, dizzy, weak.

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