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Summer solstice - time for 2nd W30

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So I've been doing reasonably well after my Spring W30. But here I am on the first day of summer realizing that once again I am drinking wine or stronger every day and my eating is changing for the worse. There's that t-shirt that says "100% Paleo, 80% Of The Time." If I don't count the wine then I'm actually pretty good. But there have definitely been some pizza and other days that have crept in. I'm feeling meh and I want to feel better. 


I read Melissa Joulwan's experiment with one of her W30s where she focussed on squeaky clean eating even holding back on the nuts and butters and limiting her fruit. I have had plenty of noncompliant meals that consisted of nuts and raisins. And my veggie consumption is not what it should be. I'm exercising but would love to include more yoga and strength. 


So this summer solstice W30 will include:


  • A sun salutation each day. At least one. 
  • Some strength some days, following Mark's Daily Apple prescription.
  • Watching the nuts and dried fruit and limiting them. 
  • Weekly sisterly and motherly contact. For my heart!

Good luck to everyone who is starting or in the middle of their own journey.



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No sun salutes yet but about to head out for a short run. I'm going to experiment with Mark's Daily Apple recommendation to keep it at 75% effort.

M1 was my go to these days:

Sweet potato hash made with Hannah white sweet potatoes. I'll write an ode to these one day. They are the best!

3 strips sugar free bacon from US Wellness meats.

1 egg


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One egg and three strips of bacon is probably not enough protein for you. Bacon hardly counts as it is more of a condiment and the standard for eggs is the number you can hold in your hand. Getting enough protein, especially at your first meal of the day, is important.

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Ran three miles at 75% effort. Felt good. And I did one whole Sun Salutation.  :D


Lunch was tuna and egg salad made with homemade olive oil mayo. I had it on a bowl of lettuce. 


Dinner will be The Best Chicken, etc. from Well Fed plus roasted zukes. With chimichurri sauce for the chicken.


Alas, I did snack on raisins and almonds this afternoon. Yes I was hungry but I should have thought more about fish and greens and not raisins and almonds! 


Onward. Tomorrow is the Queens 10K. 

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Day 2


Ran the Queens 10 K this morning and I was very pleased with my time!  :) I did not break any records but I managed a steady pace that was well over a minute faster than my half marathon pace. All this on a paleo eating regime. Huzzah!


Pre-race I had hash brown with white sweet potatoes - cooked in ghee. I added an extra egg and had 2, also cooked in ghee. 


During the race, I did have the Gatorade. I should have carried my bottle - next time. I also had a banana post race - I know that's not the approved post race meal but it's what was on hand. 


Lunch was pork carnitas and maduros. Yummy!


Gotta get some greens in today so I think it will be stir fry for dinner. 


Happy Sunday all!



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