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Yeah, this doesn't suck as bad as it did...


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So, if you are reading my ramblings for the first time, I'll try to be as entertaining as possible. If you followed me over from the original "this kinda sucks" postings, I'm being decidedly less whiny and complaining (is that an adjective?) - consider this the softer side of my writing.

And I'll try not to say "suck" quite as much.

Ok, in my previous rants, I gave a bit of background. I'm deployed (actually a government civilian), have a pretty good schedule, a good gym, and a bipolar dining facility (great, healthy food right next to complete trash). What I alluded to was that I had been eating *pretty* clean before I started the Whole 9/30/whatever. (no disrespect intended - I suck at naming conventions). I did not go into depth as to what I was doing and how much this program changed things. So - flashback music please - I arrived here at a whopping 240 pounds on a 5'7" frame. I am fairly muscular, but at that weight, I was more fat than anything else. And not fit-fat, just fat. I resolved to eat *as right as I knew at the time* and to work out - emphasis on cardio and crossfit-ish style weights. Fast forward, I lost 18 pound in the first month (basically March). I plateaued, had a birthday, carbed it up, and stopped everything for a almost a week. Then started the program. Holy crap.

After the biological/chemical experiment that my 38 year old body went through in the first 3 days (and you can read all about suckville: population - me), things did indeed get better. I'm midway through day 6 (it seems so short, but soooo much has happened in the meantime), and life is starting to change. I don't have quite the longterm energy in my workouts that I used to have, but I am no longer using suppliments (muscletech, etc.) like I was, either. I am running/working out clean - which is kinda new. Now, the results...

Since March 1st, I have lost a total of 27 pounds. Yeah, 27. I'm not doing anything crazy (other than this program, wink!) and I'm not doing two-a-day workouts, either. I know we are not supposed to weigh, and this is the first time in two weeks, but - and here is the really cool part - I'm seeing physical changes that have made me want to see what is going on weight-wise. I have abs. No kidding. I had to take a picture, because that's the first time in 20 years that I've seen them. I sent it to my wife and she said it wasn't me! And here's the no kidding part: the most obvious physical changes have occurred in the last week. Keep in mind that I'm working with a really reduced schedule working under some pretty unique circumstances, but out of 6 weeks total - this week is one sixth of my total time cleaning up my act! This is a huge deal to me.

What I guess I'm trying to say is, yeah, it sucks. It really does, and it continues to - I have to give the dessert section (an entire section! who does that?) a WIDE berth. My cravings are random, sporadic, and omg intense. But it can be done. And the results are amazing! The two minute quality of life experienced while eating crappy (insert sugar-laden substance here) is nothing compared to the quality of life experienced while fitting into a shirt PROPERLY.

Keep it up. It's worth it.


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