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Taking the hard road with Wh30 #3


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Today kicks off my third Whole 30 and with a little weekend prep behind me I feel pretty pumped to get things started!


My motivation this time around is to take the training wheels off during the next month and not shy away from doing things that I normally shelter myself from during my previous Whole 30s. This means I'm going to embrace situations like birthday parties, social gatherings and invitations to dine out instead of hiding from them.  


I need this challenge because at this point I know I'm awesome at making a change for 30 days but I suck at making lasting healthy lifestyle habits. Instead I do a controlled slide back into the habits I've just ditched because I never developed skills on how to deal with tempting/triggering situations.  This summer is jam-packed with these situations so it seems like a good time to kick this project off! 


Today's log:


M1: Sweet potato and Kale Hash, two sunny side up eggs sautéed in ghee, 1 cup bullet proof coffee


M2: 2 applegate all beef hotdogs, Monster sized salad with butter lettuce and radishes, side of homemade EVOO and ACV mustard dressing. 



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Left work and ended the day with Aerials practice. I still need to nail down quick pre and post workout meals because I was draaaaagggging during warm up and had a difficult time stretching into the positions we were learning today. 


Happily, my husband was in charge of dinner tonight and he made an incredible roast beef, which I rounded out with some pan fried hakurei turnips, sweet potatoes and a simple salad tossed with some olive oil and lemon. 


We both pitched in after dinner and did a massive clean up of the kitchen and I prepped a few more side dishes and meals for the week.  Hopefully, this up my odds of having an easy meal day tomorrow.  

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Day 1 (formerly day 3)


Stayed the course for all three meals yesterday but then fell off the wagon when I got roped into pub trivia.  I tripped and fell into a Sam Adams Summer beer for no good reason.  My desire for a drink was 100% psychological and as soon as I had it I felt so deflated.  Happily I didn't let one misstep turn into a plate of pub appetizers or a cascade of other drinks. 


So back to day one.  


Meal one: Faux Fried Cauli Rice with sunny side up egg and bullet proof coffee


Meal 2: Huge salad with mixed greens, roasted beets and compliant nuts, tossed with homemade dressing. Leftover Roast beef from two days ago. 


Meal 3: The attempt at Salmon Cakes I've made yet! (thanks to everydayMaven), over summer squash spirals tossed with garlic scape and swiss chard pesto. 

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Day 2:


I really need to do a breakfast cook up this weekend.  I did one last weekend but it only got me through Tuesday. Ever since then I've been scrambling to through together something compliant on my way out the door to work. 


Meal 1: sautéed mushrooms and spinach, left over roast beef, one sunny side up egg


I'm not sure if it was the breakfast or dinner last night but shortly after I finished eating this morning my stomach went on strike! Terrible cramps and just an overall uncomfortable feeling came over me. After about an hour and several trips to the bathroom I started to feel normal again (sorry for being graphic!).   Maybe, the mushrooms I made were  off, I knew I may have been pushing it with them since they have been hanging out in my fridge since Sunday. 


Meal 2: Leftovers from last night, spiral summer squash with pesto and 1 salmon cake 


Meal 3: Roast chicken, mixed greens sautéed in avocado oil, roasted sweet potatoes. 

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Today is Day 3 and not another restart!


Last night, I was invited to come out and come see a friend's new apartment and then head over to a local music club to see a friend of ours play.  After Tuesday's fiasco with the beers I was really concerned that my will power would evaporate again and I would indulge in all sorts of non-compliant things.  

But I really didn't want to start over again so before I went out I mentally went through all of the reasons why I was doing this whole 30 and made myself keep those reasons present in my mind all night. At the top of this list of reminders, was that I wanted to be able to be social and do fun stuff without mindlessly consuming things that were bad for me (looking at you cans of Naragansett).  


So I made myself a bottle of kumbucha to bring over so that I couldn't use the excuse "Oh well, they don't have anything non-alcoholic in their house" as an excuse to drink and it worked! My friend was a little bummed that we couldn't split a bottle of champagne she had brought but she got over it with minimal questions.


The only other point that was difficult for me was after we got to music venue.  My friend paid for my ticket and in return I brought her a beer.  But due to the loud music, there was some miscommunication with the bartender and we ended up with two beers.  Oh my god,  I thought I would crack at this point, due to the setting and making awkward conversation with people I didn't know well, carrying around a cup of beer and not pounding went against everything I usually do to get over feeling out of place.  But I powered through, found someone to give the extra beer away too and had a surprisingly good time getting down (completely sober) with my friends band.  Added bonus, when I got up today while I was a little tired because I stayed up an extra two hours I was no where near as out of it as I would have been if I consumed my normal 3-5 drinks last night. 


With this under my belt, I feel like I can tackle all of my social events this weekend starting with movie night with some friends tonight!

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Onto the meals for today:


Meal 1:  The last of the salmon cakes and steamed spinach tossed with ghee, iced coffee


Meal 2: Leftover roast chicken, sautéed greens, roasted sweet potatoes. 


Meal 3 (projected will edit if anything changes): Whole foods sashimi platter, whole foods: mixed salad with olive oil and lemon dressing, microwaved/steamed sweet potato tossed with coconut oil


Meal 3 is the easiest thing I could think of to bring up to a friends house for movie night. Normally, I would have done a better cook-up earlier in the week and not needed to raid whole foods on my lunch break for a compliant dinner.  But I didn't so this is what I came up with... we'll see how it goes over...

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Wow!  I love how you handled your re-start!  Good for you for handling another difficult situation.


I hear you on the beer drinking.  I not a drinker by any means but I have certain friends that I "always" have a beer with.  It's hard to turn them down......

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone!


This weekend was jammed pack with fun things and a LOT of food prep for this week.  I kept meaning to log my meals for days 4 and 5 but it never happened.  Suffice it to say that everything eaten over the weekend was compliant.  I did have an issue getting three distinct meals each day because I was in and out of the house so much. Hopefully with the meal prep I did on Sunday this will be less of a problem next weekend. 


Sunday's Food Prep:

-Steamed Lobster and handpicked the meat

-made Clothes Make the Girl's "Silky Ginger Zucchini Soup"

-Made 1 batch of chocolate chili from CMTG

-Pre-Chopped carrots, garlic scapes, left over roast chicken and nappa cabbage far a truly quick stir-fry later this week

-roasted beets

-made chimichurri sauce

-cut up steak tips and marinated them for the Grill


We'll see how much time in the kitchen this cuts down this week...

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Day 6


Movie Night with friend's, back yard BBQ, and actual movie night at the movie theater all (happily!) accomplished while staying on track this weekend.


Today I reaped some of the benefits from my weekend work:


Meal 1:  Forced to skip because I left it at home like an idiot


Meal 2: Lobster salad with homemade mayo, cup of ginger zucchini soup 


Meal 3: Steak tips with chimichurri sauce, green beans sautéed in olive oil with lemon, garlic and parsley grimolata, diced pan fried yams

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Wow it's day 13 already!


The problem with taking this Whole 30 on the road, so to speak, is that I've been lax with logging my meals and that makes it difficult to spot check how things are going and if I am getting the right balance of meal components. I've kicked my workout routine up a notch last week -first cross fit class!- and I immediately realized that my body is craving something extra with each meal.  


So I am recommitting to the log. My goal is to track my meals this week and see if I can fix the increased hunger that comes with working out and (at least for this week) getting my period, which is really triggering a landslide of pizza, greasy Chinese food and bread fantasies.


Meal 1 grassfed hotdog and salad with cherry tomatoes and homemade cucumber green goddess dressing. 


Meal 2 Shredded Beet, carrot, and apple salad with sesame Lime Avocado oil dressing and left over roast chicken. 


Meal 3 

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