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Extremely sleepy after lunch and dinner

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I've mentioned this before but now i've tracked it for a week.


I sleep anywhere form 6-7 hours a night. And I do wake up once at night to tinkle but fall right back asleep.


I workout early in the morning. shower, eat breakfast, go to work, etc and am fine.


I eat lunch and I'm hungry for it but i eat slowly and use my full half hour.


Dinner same thing.


My meals are almost always the same. 


Meal 1: 3 eggs, veggies with a little sweet potato, coffee with coconut oil


Meal 2: palm and half of protein (usually ground beef, salmon, chicken), 3 cups of cooked veggies, half an avocado and perhaps celery/carrots if i'm still hungry. 


Meal 3: same as Meal 2 but I add a sweet potato


My cooked veggies are almost always my loves of broccoli, mushrooms and/or cauliflower. Always.


At first I actually thought am I eating too many carbs but I know that just can't be. Or am I wrong? I would be sad about that.


When I say sleepy, I mean I could fall asleep but only for about 15 minutes. then i'm okay.


Should I add more fat and cut out veggies. I eat this much because I"m hungry. Yes I am full but not stuffed.


Any suggestions?

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Except that you are staying with the same foods without venturing into the wider world of veggie opportunities, your food sounds good. I don't think the problem is what you are eating. The problem is very likely that you need 2 hours more sleep per night. 

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