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Whole 30 bloating


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Hi, I'm one week into my whole 30 and am freaking out.....none of my clothes fit! I'm doing a pure whole 30, go to CrossFit 4-5 times a week, have been mostly Paleo for a year. Have lost no weight, continue to bloat. I'm 57, post menopausal, normal thyroid (though wonder about hypothyroidism anyway), and wondering when the magic is going to kick in. I know I need to give it even more time....am wondering who else might be having this experience and what others have done or think about this. I am not focused on the weight, but can't bear to see my clothes get tighter while I do everything I can to get healthy.

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Hi- I am also curious to see what others have to say. I'm 9 days in to my first whole 30 and have been 100% compliant, crossfit 3-4 times per week and continue to feel fatigued, bloating and nausea. I have occasional hot flashes and interrupted sleep despite using natural calm. menopause sure does seem to wreck havoc with the body! Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Ladies!

There are many things that could cause this kind of feeling, hormonal or otherwise. I have a few questions:

1) Are you eating a lot of raw veggies? Some folks have a hard time digesting them and they can cause some...issues.

2) Are you drinking enough water?

3) Have you introduced any foods you weren't eating before?

Also, it can take some people a while to level out on the program. Some feel the magic at day 3, others at day 23. You are right in the thick of the process, where most people feel the worst. Give it a few more days and see how things feel then.

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Hi Robin- thanks for your help! I have not been eating any raw veggies other than red pepper strips ( not new for me). I may not be drinking enough water. I will try more and see if that helps. It's been so hot and humid here in Rhode Island lately. haven't introduced any new foods. my stress level has been fairly high. I am trying to work on that each day and I have seen some small changes. I am hoping things will even out over the next few weeks. Thanks again!

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Hi, Robin - thanks so much for your response. I don't eat raw vegetables, other then lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes in salad. Will try drinking more water, how much do you suggest daily? The only new food I have introduced that wasn't there before is ghee.

Also have a dr. Appt. next week and will discuss my thyroid with her.

Am trying to just love this aging body as it is and stay the course.

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