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Did I do post-workout meal(s) right?


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So i'm working on post workout meals. I always felt it was too much food but now that i'm on day 26, i'm really hungry after workouts. 


Today was not a normal day but I did two separate workouts. one easy and i guess one a bit more cardio driven.


Early AM-6am

45 minute walk (brisk)


Post workout: ate egg whites


Then ate regular breakfast of 3 eggs, roasted veggies and coconut oil in coffee


MID AM workout 9:30-10:30

Body Combat (sounds hard but really lots of bouncing around getting heart rate up)


was HUNGRY. so ate one fried egg and sweet potato (half)


Then ate lunch at noon. A full lunch.


Am I doing this right?



2 weeks ago I would have thought no way and white knuckled it to lunch. But the last couple of days, I am really hungry after my morning workout and my regular breakfast doesn't seem to cut it.


Thanks for any feedback.

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First off make sure you eat something before your walk so you get food within an hour of waking (unless you literally jump out of bed walk and eat all within that first hour).


Egg whites after the walk is good...you could probably add some sweet potato to that as well. After BODYCOMBAT (I'm familiar...I'm a Les Mills Instructor) you should eat lean protein and carbs again. The fried egg is not enough protein and more fat than a post workout meal should have. My trainer has me eat a full cup of egg whites with a half can of pureed sweet potato after my workouts. 


How much time was there between your breakfast and doing combat? Were any of the roasted veggies starchy? I try to avoid having starchy vegetables and fruit within an hour of my workouts so I don't rely on the carbs for energy.


What do your normal workout days look like? Frequency? Cardio to strength ratio? Make sure you don't overdo it on cardio which can add a lot of stress to your body.

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whoa. guess I've been off in my eating.


okay so here is my typical workout week:


certain days I do doubles. other days I don't. I do what I can with the energy I have. The days you see walks are my rest days. Walking is not strenuous and I go by how I feel. typically 30-45 minutes


2-3x week--run 30 minutes. hour in between. then barre

1x a week walk. hour in between. bodyflow (today I did combat. another day I may do attack)

1-2x week--walk/run combo and 15 minutes of light weights (one day lower or upper)


The hour in between is I go outside in my neighborhood EARLY am. Then classes are usually around 9:30 or 10:30.


I eat breakfast after the first one as I'm STARVING and it gives me energy for the next class which now I'm seeing...I'm once again STARVING. and then I'm still ready for lunch at Noon.


Maybe I should breakfast as preworkout. and then follow class with lean protein and veggies.


and yes, my veggies with my eggs include starch. I usually do 1 full cup of cooked veggies (broccoli, zuke, carrots) that include sweet potato as well. I think I'll keep it at 3 eggs and greens. Then have egg whites and sweet potato after the class(es). I don't think I need to do this on the days where I walk/run for 30-45 minutes. Do I?


I feel like it's so much food in a 4 hour time span.

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I don't feel like I need a post workout meal after walking, light running, or yoga. With your schedule, I would probably eat one or two boiled eggs when I got out of bed then walk. After the walk I would eat a big, full breakfast - 3-4 eggs and sauerkraut is what I eat. I frequently workout 60-90 minutes after eating breakfast. Then after your workout, eat a post workout meal. I typically eat a can of tuna packed in water and sometimes add a baked sweet potato. I typically eat a full lunch about 2 hours later. 


Eating like this is a lot of food in 4 hours, but it is a lot of energy expenditure too. If you don't fuel your body properly (like this), your muscles don't recover optimally and your metabolism may slow and make getting lean more difficult. 

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sauerkraut! good tip!


I ate the egg whites after walk because it was a fast walk and I did arm weights for 15 minutes after. I was hungry so I downed some whites before getting ready for work,etc. Then I ate breakfast. Then went to the gym, then had egg and sweet potato.


I'll experiment tomorrow on depending on my activity level.


All i know is while I didn't feel any of my workouts took a lot out of me today, i cannot tame my hunger monster. and after all three meals today, I asked myself are you still hungry to fish and greens. The answer has been YES!  (dinner at 4:30 cause I couldn't wait)

I think I have to lean towards 2 palms of protein and enough of this 1-1/2 palm business.

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I think if you have a couple of hard boiled eggs before your walk you won't be so famished after either and can get ready and eat breakfast. Tom's suggestion for timing makes a ton of sense for what you are doing. And definitely don't hesitate to play with protein and fat portions until you can make it 4-5 hours between meals. 

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I'm still pretty new to this, but from what I've read it's protein and fats pre-workout, and some protein & carbs post-workout. So you would want to pair those post workout egg whites with some starchy veggies or banana etc

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