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Unable to sleep, upset and craving like crazy ;(


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I am on day 21 of my first whole30. After the initial diet coke withdrawals I felt great until this week. Massive cravings, constantly upset for no reason and haven't slept for more than a couple of hours any night in 6 days. I am so close to giving up as I can't function like this, I work for myself and am a single mother so sleep is essential!

Has anyone experienced this?

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Where are you in your cycle? Typically when I hear things are going well and all of a sudden, cravings increase, it's often pms. Your hormone levels are trying to balance out, so it may seem a bit different than normal.

If that's the case for you, it's all instinct talking. The body NEEDS more carbs prior to your period, so if it's not getting them, your body will tell you to eat everything under the sun. Listen to your body, but do it in a compliant way - eat lots of starchy veg. Increasing your fat right now should help you feel more satiated, too. It's biology and instinct, you're not crazy and it's not just willpower!

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