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PMS and stress


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One of the great joys of the W30 has been no cramps, etc at that time of the month!

Before the W30, I would always have 2-3 days where I took Ibuprofin 2-3x per day. I've really been happy to get away from that!

But today, (day 17), I woke up with cramps. I'm using heat and such, because I really don't want to take anything. I've also been trying to figure out why the cramps are back... my nutrition has been steady. The only thing I've figured out is that there is an extremely stressful (the kind that it's the only thing I can think about) event going on in my life right now and has been for about a week.

Would this stress+time of the month hormones cause my cramps to come back?

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Stress is a nasty little bugger....we like to think it doesn't effect us much, but the honest truth is that it has a greater effect on our health than even our nutrition. You can have your nutrition dialed in, have a stressful life, and still see health problems. Stress could definitley be throwing off your hormone balance.

Other than that it could be caffiene intake? Are you drinking enough water?

Start keeping record of this kind of thing and keep us updated

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