Anybody wanna start a "log-swap" to help stay on track?


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Hey there- today is my Day 1. I am amped to kick it off and have been purging the fridge, shopping, and cooking in the past few days leading up-


In most things, I have a little trouble being compliant because I am a sassy little punk, but this is one of the rare times in my life where I actually desire someone to keep tabs on me and help me stay accountable. 


I am looking for a fellow Whole30 community member who shares today as their start who would like to swap food logs. I plan to jot down what I eat during the day, and if becomes almost like an assignment that I owe somebody, I know personally that I am likely to comply.


SO! Who's into it? Basically, I just want someone I can email or text my daily food activity to in exchange for theirs... someone who I can swap genuine encouragement and maybe recipes or suggestions, but NOT someone who will be all up in my steez about rules and "pure paleo" and all that. 


If you started today too and wanna be my casual internet buddy cum support system, let's exchange info and make a plan to email/text each other our food logs at the end of each day before bed!


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Hey Brian, ^ what she said.  :D


I just started my 2nd Whole 30 and I have a food log here.  It really does help.  I can pop in and keep you accountable if you'd like.  And try not to be "all up in your steez"... lol.  


You want to post what you ate yesterday?  Go for it!  We're waiting.  ;)

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People do read the logs.... and they're only "up in your steez" if you aren't eating per the meal template or if you declare that you're going to continue when you ate something that seriously affects your gut and the healing process. Good luck.

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