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Starting July 1st - AIP Whole30 for me!


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Wowsa!  Welcome & Happy Day 1 to everyone!


Didn't really get all my Day 0 prepping done, so I missed breakfast this morning.  I have been experimenting with some of the "how-will-I-live-without-blah" replacements, so I did have a cup of pu-errh tea with additive-free coconut milk as my morning drink and made some of Mickey Trescott's Egg-Free Mayo.  Just a word to the wise here - the "fineness" of the grind in the coconut manna/butter/concentrate makes a big difference.  I've been making my own in the food processor from organic unsweetened shreds, but it is a bit grainy compared to store-bought stuff and it doesn't work quite as well for this recipe.


Picking up some grass-fed offal tomorrow night for making bone broth & other awful treats.   ;)


Forgot to weigh & measure this morning, so I'm just using my most recent stats & will catch it on the flip-side.


See ya later!

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