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Family of 3 Starting July 7th


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PaleoGardener, I had a girlfriend from church who is watching us do the whole30 email me that same article this morning. I was pleased to see that it sounds so compliant to what we are already doing. I know my man wont stay on this after 30 days, but I also know it has changed the way he understands food so I am sure he will eat differently bc he is enjoying the benefits of health!!
Hope your party goes wonderfully tonight!!

I have friends here in Central Virginia who have fabulous gardens!! I just moved into our present home in the "country" a year ago and now have the space but not the time. (compared to San Diego or LA my whole region is the country, our little city only has about 100,000 people) :)  I hear from my friends how much time it takes and I am realistic about my schedule since I work part-time during the school year. We did go to our local Farmer's market this morning and bought some pastured beef and bison, all raised within just a few miles from my house! Got to talk to the owners and priced responsible with the organic brands at Kroger.  And we went out to eat for the first time in 20 days!! Grilled steak and potatoes with roasted veges and NO DISHES to clean up!! It was divine!! 

Funny thought, the only "negative" that I can say about the effects of the whole30 is that I am no longer a night owl. I used to get a second wind about 10pm and get so much done in the next 2-3 hours!!! Now.................. I have good energy all day, but I am ready to sleep by 11pm. It takes some getting use to :)

Good night and congratulations on being 2/3 of the way DONE!!!

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full last 3 days, yet successful :) Praise the Lord!! and an added blessing is that the last 2 days have been southern California weather, we are so thankful for a break from the humidity and a chance to open up the windows!! I am up too late and just wanted to check in quick to say ONLY A WEEK TO GO in this challenge. I am so excited bc I have never done anything like this with success before!!
Hope you all are enjoying success and health too!! I'll try to jump back on here in the morning. nite

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Doing well this week. Hubby is gone for the week, & in the past I tend to go off plan when home alone. So far this week so good. Making good choices all week. Think I can keep this up after the 30 days are up. I will make little tweaks & small treats occasionally. Want to lose some weight before we go to Hawaii in October.

Party went really well. Fun to see old friends. The food was a big hit, they didn't even know they were eating healthy :) some desserts were brought, but I was able to pass.

One more week- keep up the good work everyone.

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glad you are continuing to do well with your husband gone! just 4 days more :) we are doing well, so odd how routine this has become, eager to measure the progress bc we sure do feel it in our clothes, even my daughter is feeling it now!!

we are starting to talk about how we will eat different when this is over. none of us what to go back to how we use to eat, but I know my schedule in the school year is such that I cannot be in the kitchen so much. so I am going to HAVE to find some quicker dishes!!

Have a SUPER weekend, we can finish strong :) 

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SonnyBelle- will you do in reintro? I won't as I did it before & know where my issues are.

If you have time before you go back to school, check out Pinterest for paleo freezer meals. Well Fed has some good master recipes & other suggestions to help cut down your cooking time. I usually spend 1-2 days (not the whole day) prepping & cooking. Then the rest of the week we use those meals/foods. There are also some packaged/frozen foods that are good, just read labels. If we grill on the weekend, we grill extra meat for other recipes later in the week. Hope you can find a plan to eat healthy while back at work. Have a good weekend!

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we are talking now about how/when to re-intro. we are likely going to start with "paleo-fying" foods until the 18th as we have some events happening that we want to continue these foods through and feel good but not introduce anything until after that. but there are some foods that we cannot wait to add like - paleo pancakes and paleo ice cream :) Pintrest is so fun to browse through

We are not big bean eaters, really only 3 recipes we eat maybe once a month each and then peanut butter which we haven't really missed since we have almond and cashew butter. So we will only add as they come up. 

Dairy, we will start with organic goat milk products as they are easier for my husbands gut. And it will limit how much we have but the nature of the fact that there are less products. 


Not sure about gluten & non-gluten, I am considering making my own bread since at least I can cut out all the 'extra' that is in there that we do not need. 

We feel so good that I do not expect to ever go back to where we were, and I know as far as what I can control about what I buy or make will not :) 

thanks for the tip about prep days and freezer meals, I think I will look for crock-pot meals too!

I have never felt so empowered by the last 4 weeks, never completed such a challenge. I am so thankful!!
YAY for only 3 more days, then the joy of the accomplishment :) 

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Can't believe we are almost done! I made this recipe for dinner tonight and my husband said it was one the best meals I've ever made. WOOHOO!  http://paleocomfortfoods.com/recipes/its-almost-summer-that-means-soup-right/ I made a couple of changes, I omitted the poblano and added a whole chopped up zucchini instead. It hit the spot, and especially as I woke up with a horrible sore throat and achy body. 

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wow, we are finally here, yet all in all, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be!!
and we ALL THREE feel great :) 

My husband -- lost no weight, which is a huge praise, and his Crohn's is fully in remission, he has had very little pain or discomfort and is willing to continue eating clean, tho wants to re-introduce some goat dairy and whole grain at times unless he reacts poorly to them. 


this is what my daughter posted -- I feel so much better now that we've finished! I didn't really start to feel it until the last 10 days or so, but now it's definitely worth it! I'm sleeping so much better and I have much more consistent energy throughout the day. Also, I lost about 7 inches total off of my thighs/belly/chest/hips, and I lost 9.6 pounds! So thankful that we did this and that we could encourage each other on here! I feel so ready to start the school year healthy now :)

And me --  
I feel healthy, younger, motivated, no headaches in the last 30 days, stronger, no bloating or join pain, rested, sleeping so well, energized, fantastic.  I lost 15 inches and 19.4#. Praise the LORD!!

Our family plan is to continue eating clean at home, and then do as healthy as we can as we all start back to school. 
Thank you for the encouragement along the way. Many blessings on you as you press on!!

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