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Rotisserie Chicken from the grocery store


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My brother tried to offer me some chicken from the grocery store, the super yummy pre-cooked rotisserie chicken all ready to go for you. I said I was not sure I could have it and he actually went out to the recycling bin and got the lid with the ingredients listed. Brown sugar, carrageenan, and soy were just some of the ingredients that were listed. I told him I could not have it. He tried to convince that those ingredients are put on the skin, so just don't eat the skin. I did not want to argue with him, but I did not eat any.


I got a few of those chickens at the beginning of my Whole30, but from Sprouts, not the regular grocery store. They only had a few things listed, but now I am concerned that there were other things on there.


I am assuming that I was right to refuse the chicken, all those ingredients don't just stay on the skin?

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