30 June start


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After a false start yesterday due to some failure in planning, I am ready and raring to go today for day1.

I am breastfeeding a 10 month old who of course doesn't sleep through the night yet and has been continually teething since she was 1 month old. She cut her 8th tooth yesterday which was a nightmare in and of itself. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight but am definitely not as healthy as I was prepregnancy. Ice cream, cookies, and coke have taken over my life and has become a crutch in my low energy days and it shows. I all of a sudden started to resemble my mother, every girl's worse nightmare. I am flu by, my skin is cracking, I have patches of eczema on my arms, my joints are tender, my teeth are crazy sensitive despite my religious oral hygiene routine, my nails split and the top layers are peeling off, my hair is brittle and flat, etc etc. everything my mom complains about and blames on us kids is becoming my reality and it's terrifying.

I found the whole30 about a month ago and have been planning for my start day, but unfortunately yesterday it all fell through at dinner when life got in the way and we had to run out for something for the baby. We were starving by this point and ended up stopping for something to eat but the only thing open was Taco Bell and I could not find a compliant item on the menu... So I consigned myself to a restart. So, today is the day and I know I can do it.

Any one want to join me and follow each other through the month?

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@GutInstinct - I'm doing great so far. I just started day 4 and have yet to have headaches or the urge to kill everything, but I have had episodes of grumpiness. I am keeping myself busy by going to play groups for the baby, volunteering to help sort baby clothes, selling off some of our unneeded clutter, and cooking (I love to cook). I felt a bit wonky on day 2 but I just upped my veggie intake and the wonkiness has dissipated.

How are you doing?

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