Day 26 and a bit worried

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I am on day 26 of my second whole 30.  On my first whole 30 I lost weight (no inches) and gained better sleep, clairty of thought, control over food just to name a few.  On this 30 I feel like the weight and inches are coming off. I am wearing smaller pants (huge victory that no weight loss has fixed before my girth never seems to change even wiht my weight fluctuation) have gotten many comments and such and I jsut feel thinner.  Here is my concern. I eat by the template, but not for breakfast.  Eating any breakfast has always been a battle.  I know I do not eat enough for breakfast. So I fear that maybe my body is not actually in fat burning mode due to this.


Here is examples of what I typically eat in a day

Breakfast: bone broth, two hard boiled eggs, fruit


Lunch: Roasted chicken, or pulled pork with a large serving of slaw or two steamed sliced yellow squash with an avocado and some fruit


Dinner: Grilled or roasted meat with sweetpotato, and/or sauteed veggies


Eating what I do for breakfast is a push.  I know I need to eat more but I just find it difficult and nauseating and it is actually an improvement.  I really feel my body has finally swithced into fat burning mode but I am not certian becasue of my insufficent breakfast on a continual basis. Any thoughts or any way to actually know?



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I see no reason to eat more breakfast if it is making you nauseated.  Your breakfast looks okay.


If you are concerned about being in "fat burning mode"... rather than worrying about the size of your breakfast -- I would concentrate on keeping insulin levels low for as long as possible during the day.  You wake up burning fat, because you have been fasting all night.  That fruit for breakfast pretty much kicks you out of fat burning mode for awhile, and sets you up to crave more fruit/sugar later in the day.


I say congrats on eating breakfast at all -- I know that is a hard one for some folks to get used to.  Don't stress about it, maybe just try replacing some of your fruit with veggies and see how you feel.  And CONGRATS on finishing two Whole 30's!  That's awesome.  :)

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